REG117. Correction of a Registration Certificate



  • REG117.1 The registration certificate shall accurately describe the horse for which it has been issued. An owner is responsible for immediately reporting any discrepancy on a registration certificate to AQHA and returning it for correction. The Executive Committee may cancel a registration certificate if preliminary examination indicates the certificate does not describe the horse for which it was issued.
  • REG117.2 A corrected certificate is issued to indicate a change in color, markings, gender (male to female or vice versa) or foaling month; from gelding to stallion; removal of scars or brands which previously had been indicated on the certificate; or the correction of a date of transfer. AQHA must be provided with the original certificate before a corrected certificate can be issued.
  • REG117.3 A free correction on a registration certificate may be made through the 12th month following a horse’s foaling date or six months from the date a registration certificate was issued, whichever is later.
  • REG117.4 Correction of an original registration certificate may be obtained by the current record owner or owner’s authorized agent by filing the proper affidavit, duly notarized and completed in all respects, along with four full-view current photographs of the horse showing both sides, front and rear views.
  • REG117.5 When a significant correction in the description of a horse is requested, positive identification may be required if the ownership is no longer recorded in the name of the original owner (owner of dam at time of foaling). Such positive identification requires written affirmation and signature on a photograph of the horse (clearly showing distinctive markings) from the original owner or authorized agent stating that the photograph is of the horse in question.
  • REG117.6 If the application for a corrected certificate contains a discrepancy that raises a question as to the identity of the horse, an inspection may be required.
  • REG117.7 If a horse is still in the ownership of the party that first made application to register it, correction of a registration certificate that is a change of color only may be obtained by the record owner, by filing a written statement of the correct color. The registration certificate must be returned with the signed statement.
  • REG117.8 To correct the date of transfer recorded with AQHA, AQHA must be provided with signed statements from both seller and buyer giving the correct date, the horse’s registration certificate and the correction fee. At AQHA’s discretion and in the interest of equity, the date of transfer may be corrected upon AQHA’s receipt of a signed statement from either buyer or seller.
  • REG117.9 If a registration certificate is delivered to AQHA’s office for a correction, but the correction items are not in proper order to issue a corrected certificate, the registration certificate will be retained by AQHA until the correction can be completed and a new certificate issued.