REG120. Duplicate Certificate


REG120. DUPLICATE CERTIFICATE. A duplicate registration certificate is issued when the original has been lost or destroyed and sufficient proof of loss and proper identification of the horse has been submitted to AQHA.

  • REG120.1 AQHA may issue a duplicate registration certificate after the current record owner or authorized agent files the proper affidavit, duly notarized, properly completed and stating the circumstances under which the original registration certificate was lost or destroyed, and pays the required fee. Such affidavit is to be accompanied by four full-view current photographs of the horse, showing both sides, front and rear views.
  • REG120.2 If the owner is not AQHA’s record owner, he additionally shall provide AQHA an affidavit from the last record owner to obtain the duplicate registration certificate. Such affidavit shall describe the circumstances of the transfer and the identity of the person to whom the registration certificate was delivered.
  • REG120.3 If the certificate was lost by a trainer or racing official at the track, affidavits from such other persons should accompany the record owner’s request for a duplicate certificate.
  • REG120.4 If the application for the duplicate certificate contains a discrepancy to question the identity of the horse, AQHA may require inspection.
  • REG120.5 To issue a duplicate certificate when the record owner or authorized agent cannot be located to complete an affidavit, after all reasonable efforts by the current owner and then by AQHA, the following items are required:
    • REG120.5.1 properly completed and signed transfer reports or acceptable bills of sale reflecting each ownership change beginning with the record owner.
    • REG120.5.2 notarized affidavit signed by each party who had the original certificate in his or her possession after the record owner;
    • REG120.5.3 a signed statement from current owner giving details of all attempts to contact record owner.
    • REG120.5.4 four current full-view photographs of the horse, both sides, front and rear views.
  • REG120.6 In regard to involuntary transfers, including, but not limited to, court judgment, stableman’s lien or security interest foreclosure, when a previous owner is unavailable to verify the whereabouts of the original registration certificate or refuses to adhere to a court judgment by delivering the original registration certificate for transfer, at AQHA’s discretion, and in the interest of equity, requirement of affidavit of the record owner may be waived and the current owner deemed eligible for a duplicate certificate.