REG122. Geldings - Spayed Mares


REG122. GELDINGS - SPAYED MARES. When a horse is gelded or a mare is spayed, such fact should be reported to AQHA immediately.

  • REG122.1 This should be done by providing AQHA the horse’s registration certificate and a statement from the owner of record indicating the date the horse was gelded or spayed. At no charge, AQHA will make the appropriate notation in its records and on the registration certificate and return the certificate to the owner.
  • REG122.2 The track identifier or racing secretary of a track under the supervision of a state-appointed racing body or the secretary of an AQHA-approved event may correct a registration certificate to reflect the fact of gelding by notation on the registration certificate in an indelible manner, along with the date such notation is made, initialing such notation. Additionally, such track or show official shall immediately inform AQHA of such correction to the certificate.