REG125. Leases



  • REG125.1 For a lease of a horse to be recognized, written notice of such lease must be filed with AQHA, signed by both the recorded owner as lessor, and the lessee. The notice shall specify the effective date of lease and may not exceed three years. At the expiration of a three year lease term, the lease must be re-recorded to remain effective. If the lease term is for a shorter period, it shall also provide a termination date. To terminate a lease other than expiration of the lease term, provide written notice to AQHA specifying the termination date, signed by both lessor and lessee, or by a properly executed transfer report which shows a change of ownership from lessor to lessee, signed by the record owner/lessor. No fee is charged for terminating a lease, whether automatic or by subsequent notice.
  • REG125.2 Enforcement of the lessee’s limitation on use of the horse is solely the responsibility of the lessor.
  • REG125.3 Transfers of horse ownership from recognized claiming races terminate a lease.
  • REG125.4 During the term of the lease, AQHA will not record subsequent changes in ownership until the lease is terminated. Only the lessee or lessee’s authorized agent is authorized to sign a breeder’s certificate, stallion breeding report or registration application pertaining to the leased horses.