REG126. Authorizations



  • REG126.1 When a horse is owned by a company, ranch, farm, syndicate, corporation, partnership, university or school, club or family, AQHA must have an authorization form on file to indicate who may sign documents for that entity. Written authorization is also required when an individual owner appoints another individual to sign in his or her behalf.
  • REG126.2 On all AQHA documents, except transfers as limited in rule REG124.3, AQHA shall recognize the signature of any one of the joint owners of a horse if such owner is named on the horse’s current registration certificate. Additionally, AQHA shall recognize the signature of any individual partner when that person is shown as an individual in the partnership name.
  • REG126.3 In the case of a child younger than 18 years of age, AQHA requires a statement from the legal guardian or parent giving the birth date of the child and designating the person(s) signing on behalf of the minor.
  • REG126.4 When the owner of a horse is deceased, AQHA must have legal documentation on file appointing the agent or representative for the estate (letters testamentary, letters of administration, etc.) and bearing the original certification or seal of the clerk of the probate court. In the event there was no formal probate of the estate, an affidavit of heirship must be completed by the heirs and notarized.
  • REG126.5 Authorization of agent may be cancelled by written notification signed by record owner or record lessee. Such termination of authorization will take effect on the date received at AQHA.
  • REG126.6 When an authorization is granted by a lessee, that authorization will remain in effect until the date the cancellation of the authorization or termination of lease is received in AQHA’s office.