SHW750. Cowboy Mounted Shooting


SHW750. COWBOY MOUNTED SHOOTING. As an AQHA-approved event, this is a fast-action, timed event over specific courses with a high degree of speed and agility from the horse and skilled shooting from the rider. Competitions will be held at existing Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association events.

  • SHW750.1 CMSA competition will be offered and approved through the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association.
  • SHW750.2 AQHA horse and exhibitor eligibility requirements must be met.
  • SHW750.3 Approval privileges will be granted or denied by CMSA.
  • SHW750.5 POINTS. Points will be awarded in each division according to the existing point structure. Points and placing will be recorded on horses’ and exhibitors’ records. All points are eligible for existing AQHA awards.