SHW300. Equipment



  • SHW300.1 When exhibitor equipment failure causes a delay or a run to be discontinued, the judge will disqualify the entry, except in working hunter and jumping.
  • SHW300.2 In any approved class, the judge shall have the authority to require the removal or alteration of any piece of equipment or accoutrement which is unsafe, or in his opinion, would tend to give a horse an unfair advantage or which he believes to be inhumane.
  • SHW300.3 Tails may be lengthened by hair attachment only with no attachments of any kind to the tailbone.
  • SHW300.4 The use of weighted tails is acceptable.
  • SHW300.5 The use of earplugs or cotton in the horse’s ears is acceptable.
  • SHW300.6 Reruns will not be allowed in instances of equipment failure.
  • SHW300.7 Failure by exhibitor to wear correct number(s) in a visible manner shall result in disqualification.