SHW334. Gaits - Ranch Pleasure


SHW334 GAITS - RANCH PLEASURE. In all gaits, movement of the ranch pleasure horse should simulate a horse needing to cover long distances, softly and quietly, like that of a working ranch horse. The following terminology shall apply:

  • SHW334.1 Walk- The walk is a natural, flat footed, four-beat gait. The gait is rhythmic and ground-covering. As in all gaits, the horse should display a level, or slightly above level topline with a bright, attentive expression.
  • SHW334.2 Trot- The trot is a natural two-beat gait demonstrating more forward motion than the western jog.
  • SHW334.3 Extended Trot- The extended trot is an obvious lengthening of the stride with a definite increase in pace. The horse should be moving in a manner as if it were covering a large area on a ranch with an above level topline.
  • SHW334.4 Lope- The lope is a three-beat gait The lope should be relaxed and smooth with a natural, forward moving stride.
  • SHW334.5 Extended Lope- The extended lope is not a run or a race but should be an obvious lengthening of the stride, demonstrating a forward, working speed. The horse should display an above level topline with a bright, attentive expression.