SHW528. Breakaway Roping


SHW528. BREAKAWAY ROPING. This event shall be performed following the same general rules as youth tie-down roping, and is available only in the amateur and youth divisions. This is a timed event with a one-minute time limit and calves must be used.

  • SHW528.1 Horses must start from behind a barrier.
  • SHW528.2 A 10-second penalty will be added to the time for breaking the barrier.
  • SHW528.3 Two loops will be permitted. One or two ropes are to be tied to the saddle horn by a heavy string, in such a manner as to allow the rope to be released from the horn when the calf reaches the end of the rope. A visible cloth or flag must be attached to the end of the rope tied to the horn to make it easier for the flagger to see it break free.
  • SHW528.4 If the roper is carrying one rope and the roper desires to use a second loop, he/she may recoil provided the rope is still tied by a string to the saddle horn. If the rope is no longer attached to the saddle horn with the string after the roper has thrown the first loop, it cannot be rebuilt for a second throw. If the roper is carrying two loops he may use the second loop provided it is still attached to the saddle horn with a string. If the second loop falls loose, it cannot be rebuilt.
  • SHW528.5 The contestant may free his first rope from the horn after a miss, before getting his second loop ready if he wishes.
  • SHW528.6 The contestant shall receive no time should he break the rope from the horn by hand or touch the rope or string after the catch is made. If the rope dallies or will not break free when the calf reaches the end of it, the contestant will receive no time.
  • SHW528.7 Time will be called from drop of flag at barrier to the break of rope string from the saddle horn. A legal catch is a loop that passes over the head of the calf and then holds on any part of the calf to cause the string to break away from the saddle horn. Roping the calf without releasing the loop from the hand is not permitted.
  • SHW528.8 The contestant shall not attempt to rope the animal until the barrier flag has been dropped. Any attempt by a contestant to position his horse behind the barrier, enabling the contestant to rope the calf without leaving the barrier or box, shall be considered a disqualification.
  • SHW528.9 Rope may not pass through bridle, tie-down, neck rope or any other device.
  • SHW528.10 A judge may, at his discretion, use the ring steward, other show officials or approved judges to assist as barrier judges and to help determine legal catches or any rule infractions.