VIO100 -108


VIO100. No person shall refuse to assist AQHA, its officers, committees or agents

1) in locating, identifying and inspecting, or to answer promptly and truthfully any inquiry concerning a horse or an ancestor thereof, that has been registered with AQHA, or for which application to register has been made; or

2) to promptly and truthfully give information, in form requested, concerning any AQHA matter of which the person has or may have knowledge.

VIO101. In the furtherance of their official duties, all AQHA representatives shall be treated with courtesy, cooperation and respect, and no person shall direct abusive or threatening conduct or language toward them.

No person or entity shall bribe, or attempt to bribe, an AQHA representative, AQHA-approved judge or any other official of an AQHA-approved event.

VIO103. Any member may be suspended and denied AQHA privileges and any nonmember may be denied AQHA privileges by AQHA’s Executive Vice President for failure to timely file with AQHA any report required by the rules of AQHA or submit a response to an AQHA inquiry; provided, however, that 15 days before action by the Executive Vice President, written notice of the delinquent report/response and the intention to suspend and/or deny AQHA privileges shall be mailed to such member or nonmember. Upon suspension and/or denial of AQHA privileges by the Executive Vice President, the name, address, city and state of such member or nonmember and description of disciplinary action may be published in The American Quarter Horse Journal or on AQHA’s official web site, Any suspension and/or denial of AQHA privileges under this rule shall terminate upon the filing of the requisite report/response.

VIO104. A member or nonmember shall not conspire with another person or persons to intentionally violate AQHA rules, or to knowingly contribute or cooperate with another person or persons, either by affirmative action or inaction, to violate AQHA rules.

VIO105. All information furnished AQHA as a basis for any action by AQHA or any of its officers shall be true and correct.

VIO106. Ownership of an issued registration certificate remains with AQHA; it is issued in reliance on a written application submitted and attested by the owner at time of foaling and upon the express condition that AQHA has the privilege to correct and/or cancel the certificate for cause under its rules and regulations.

VIO107. No change or alteration of a registration certificate shall be made except by AQHA or its official representative upon proper showing of the necessity for such change or alteration, by reason of change in color or markings, or mistake; nor shall any person display or advertise, or have in his possession, a certificate that has been changed or altered otherwise than by AQHA or on its authority.

VIO108. No person or entity shall:

  • VIO108.1 refuse an AQHA request for the return of a registration certificate, either before, after or pending hearing to determine registration or participation privilege in AQHA-approved events. AQHA may retain possession of a certificate until resolution of the matter for which the return of the certificate was requested;
  • VIO108.2 issue, sell, exchange, give away or receive, or offer a false or fraudulent certificate, representing the same to be a genuine official certificate issued by AQHA;
  • VIO108.3 represent any horse owned or managed by him to be AQHA registered unless the same be registered in the official Stud Book;
  • VIO108.4 represent as a registered American Quarter Horse any horse other than the horse for which the registration certificate was issued;
  • VIO108.5 advertise or enter in any American Quarter Horse event or competition any AQHA registered horse by a name other than that by which the horse is registered;
  • VIO108.6 represent, by advertisement, claim or otherwise, that a horse registered with AQHA has earned or is entitled to any official AQHA designation or honors prior to actual recording of such designation or honor in the records of AQHA;
  • VIO108.7 alter, in any way change, or attempt to hide or alter natural markings of a horse by surgery, dye or in any other manner.