VIO220 - 201. Unsportsmanlike Conduct


VIO220. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT or any other form of misconduct that is irresponsible, illegal, indecent, profane, intimidating, threatening or abusive is prohibited. This provision applies to:

  • VIO220.1 AQHA members, nonmembers, exhibitors, trainers, owners, owner representatives, spectators and all other persons on the show grounds of an AQHA-approved event; and
  • VIO220.2 AQHA members on the show grounds of an event held in conjunction with an AQHA-approved event; and
  • VIO220.3 AQHA members on the show grounds of an event during which an AQHA-approved class is held regardless of whether the conduct is associated with or occurs during an AQHA-approved class.

VIO221. Show management may immediately expel individuals exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct from show grounds and shall file a written report with AQHA concerning the conduct in question.