VIO230 - 233. Inhibiting Competition


VIO230. INHIBITING COMPETITION. Any form of conduct that inhibits competition at AQHA-approved events is expressly prohibited. This offense includes not only the person suggesting the prohibited conduct, but all who participate in the scheme or plan. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • VIO230.1 padding classes by entering a horse(s) not otherwise qualified for the competition to fill a class to increase points;
  • VIO230.2 paying another’s entry fee, directly or indirectly; or
  • VIO230.3 encouraging a potential competitor to refrain from entering the class.

VIO231. For inhibiting competition, an AQHA member may be disciplined, suspended, fined and/or expelled from AQHA, and a nonmember may be denied AQHA privileges. Furthermore, violation of this rule shall be grounds for AQHA to disqualify the horse(s) entered by the persons that participate in the scheme or plan prohibited by this rule.

To assist AQHA in the promotion of true competition, any person approached by another to cooperate in a scheme or plan to inhibit competition shall immediately report the matter to show management and then to AQHA in writing within 10 days, failing which, the person approached may be subject to disciplinary action by the Executive Committee, the same as the person or persons suggesting the scheme or plan.

AQHA Stewards may immediately issue a warning or removal cards (from show grounds) to individuals whose conduct is in violation of AQHA rules and shall file a written report with AQHA concerning the conduct in question. Individuals receiving two warning cards from AQHA Stewards in a 12-month period may be cited to appear before an AQHA hearing committee in accordance with AQHA’s disciplinary procedures. Regardless of whether an AQHA Steward is present at the show in question or whether an AQHA Steward takes action regarding violations of AQHA rules, nothing herein prevents show management or AQHA from taking appropriate action with respect to individuals who violate such rules.