VIO250 - 253. Responsible Party


VIO250. RESPONSIBLE PARTY. The exhibitor, Absolutely Responsible Person and owner (collectively referred to as “Responsible Parties”) are each responsible for a horse’s condition, presumed to know all AQHA rules and regulations and are eligible for disciplinary sanctions for violation of AQHA rules and regulations according to AQHA’s disciplinary procedures.
VIO251. An individual is an Absolutely Responsible Person if:

  • VIO251.1 he/she designates himself/herself on the entry blank as exhibitor, or authorizes another to designate him/her as exhibitor on the entry blank;
  • VIO251.2 he/she signs the entry blank on behalf of himself/herself or another, or causes an agent or representative to sign it;
  • VIO251.3 he/she physically participates in the event by riding or showing the horse; or
  • VIO251.4 he/she is the actual trainer, having presented or caused to be presented the horse at the show grounds for exhibition.

VIO252. Both the exhibitor designated on the entry blank and one having actual possession of the horse while physically participating with the horse in the event are conclusively presumed to be authorized by the owner to execute all documents, necessary or convenient, to allow the horse’s participation in an AQHA-approved event, including documents pertaining to drug testing and the use of Lasix. If an individual is prevented from performing his/her duties, including absolute responsibility for the condition of the horse, by illness or otherwise, or is absent from the show, he/she shall immediately notify the show secretary, and appoint a substitute, and such substitute shall place his/her name on the entry blank. The exhibitor and owner acknowledge an exhibitor represents the owner in regard to his/her horses entered in an approved show.
VIO253. Upon request of show management or AQHA representative, every Responsible Party shall:

  • VIO253.1 permit examination of a horse for determination of the presence of prohibited surgery, mechanical device, artificial appliance, foreign drug or substance;
  • VIO253.2 permit examination of a horse for determination of normal tail function; and
  • VIO253.3 permit a specimen of urine, saliva, blood or other substance to be taken for testing.
  • VIO253.4 Refusal to comply with such request shall constitute grounds for immediate disqualification of the horse from further participation at the show, the horse being barred from participation in future AQHA-approved events or shows for such period as determined by the Executive Committee or other appropriate committee and suspension of the Responsible Party’s AQHA membership.