VIO300 - 305. Prohibited Medication, Drug, Substance


VIO300. PROHIBITED MEDICATION, DRUG, SUBSTANCE. No person shall cause to be administered internally or externally to a horse, either before or during an approved event, any medication, drug, or substance which could affect its performance or appearance at that event, EXCEPT FOR THOSE CONDITIONALLY PERMITTED THERAPEUTIC MEDICATIONS, THE USE OF WHICH IS SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED FOR IN THE THERAPEUTIC MEDICATION ADDENDUM AND NOT OTHERWISE PROHIBITED BY GOVERNMENTAL REGULATIONS.

Upon discovery of administration of such prohibited medication, drug or substance, show management shall immediately report the matter to AQHA. Any substance, administered internally or externally, whether drugs or otherwise, or action which may interfere with the testing procedure or mask or screen the presence of a prohibited medication, drug or substance is forbidden.

It is presumed the sample of urine, blood, saliva or other substance tested by the approved laboratory is the one taken from the horse in question, its integrity is preserved, and that all procedures of such collection and preservation, transfer to the laboratory, and analysis of the sample are correct and accurate, and the report received from the laboratory pertains to the sample taken from the horse in question and correctly reflects the condition of the horse during the show in which it was entered, with the burden on the exhibitor or other Responsible Party to prove otherwise at any hearing in regard to the matter conducted by AQHA.

If the laboratory report on the chemical analysis of urine, blood, saliva or other sample taken from the horse indicates the presence of a forbidden medication, drug or substance, this shall be taken as prima facie evidence such forbidden medication, drug or substance has been administered to the horse either internally or externally.

The Responsible Party is eligible for disciplinary sanctions, whether or not they had actual knowledge of the presence of a prohibited medication, drug or substance, directly participated in the administration thereof, innocently miscalculated its retention time in the horse’s system, or any other reason for which its presence is established.

Presence of a prohibited medication, drug or substance in a horse participating in an AQHA-approved event shall be grounds for the Executive Committee to take the following action if it is determined that the use of said medication, drug or substance was not within the guidelines set forth in the Therapeutic Medication Addendum:

  • VIO305.1 disqualify the horse from all classes in which it participates at the show;
  • VIO305.2 bar the horse from participation in further AQHA-approved events or shows for such period as determined appropriate, and, upon request, the owner shall deliver the horse’s registration certificate to AQHA to either be held during the period of the horse’s suspension from participation or for purposes of AQHA to prominently notate the horse’s ineligibility to participate in AQHA-approved events on the face of the registration certificate. Although ownership of such horse may, thereafter, be transferred to another party, the transfer of ownership will not dissolve or shorten the terms of a suspension/ineligibility to participate; and
  • VIO305.3 discipline the Responsible Party(ies) under AQHA’s general disciplinary procedure or offer an administrative penalty as determined appropriate by the Executive Committee.
  • VIO305.4 Pending final hearing by the Executive Committee or such other appropriate hearing committee, the Executive Vice President may, by giving written notice of its action to the owner of record at his current address as shown on AQHA records, temporarily suspend such horse from further participation in an AQHA-approved event or show.