VIO320 - 322. Prohibited Surgical Procedure, Mechanical Device or Artificial Appliance


VIO320. PROHIBITED SURGICAL PROCEDURE, MECHANICAL DEVICE OR ARTIFICIAL APPLIANCE. Any surgical procedure, mechanical device or artificial appliance that could affect a horse's performance or alter its natural conformation or appearance is prohibited unless it meets one of the following exceptions:

  • VIO320.1 surgical procedures performed by a duly licensed veterinarian for the sole purpose of protecting the health of the horse;

  • VIO320.2 use of a pacemaker or prosthetic eye if the owner files a written request for permission and requests it be reviewed and considered by AQHA's Executive Committee (approval, if granted, will be noted on the horse's registration certificate);

  • VIO320.3 tails lengthened by hair to hair attachment only with no attachments of any kind to the tailbone. The use of weighted tails is legal; or

  • VIO320.4 earplugs or cotton in the horse's ears.

VIO321. Upon discovery of the existence of prohibited surgery, mechanical device or artificial appliance, show management shall immediately report the matter to AQHA.

VIO322. The Responsible Party is eligible for disciplinary sanctions, whether or not they had actual knowledge of the surgical procedure, mechanical device or artificial appliance, or directly authorized the surgical procedure or administration of prohibited devices. Purchase and subsequent exhibition of a horse with such condition in an AQHA approved show makes an individual a Responsible Party under this rule. Violation of this rule is grounds for the Executive Committee, or an appropriate committee of AQHA, to take disciplinary action according to AQHA's disciplinary procedures.