VIO505. Disciplinary and Appeal Procedure


VIO505. DISCIPLINARY AND APPEAL PROCEDURE. Executive Committee Jurisdiction: The Executive Committee is the forum within AQHA that, initially or ultimately, hears or reviews evidence of alleged violation of rules and regulations by members or non-members, decides all matters pertaining to registration of horses, and hears appeals from other committee action. A member may be disciplined, suspended, fined and/or expelled from AQHA and any nonmember may be denied any or all AQHA privileges. Registration certificates may be altered or cancelled and registration applications denied. Proof necessary to establish a rule violation or registration ineligibility is that quantum of proof that would lead a reasonable person to believe the matter alleged in the notice of hearing is established by the credible evidence admitted before the Executive Committee. A majority vote of the Executive Committee shall determine guilt, and its decision and action shall be final and binding on all parties.