VIO520 - 521. Absolute Responsibility


VIO520. ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY: AQHA rules pertaining to prohibition of drugs or surgical alteration provide for absolute responsibility for a horse’s condition by an exhibitor, trainer, or Absolutely Responsible person or Responsible Party as affirmed by AQHA rules, whether or not such person was actually instrumental in, or had actual knowledge of, the administration of such drug or surgery, thereby making such person eligible for possible disciplinary action upon proof of the presence of such drug by laboratory analysis or existence of surgical alteration. This rule of procedure for disciplinary action pertains to drug or surgical alteration cases in regard to notice, hearing and effect of suspensions or other sanctions, but burden of proof and presumptions as contained in said drug or surgical alteration rules specifically govern such cases.

An owner or lessee of a registered American Quarter Horse may be held responsible for the actions of all third parties in whose care the owner or lessee places his/her horse, including, but not limited to, trainers, agents, representatives, exhibitors and employees. When such third party is convicted of a violation of AQHA rules involving an owner or lessee’s horse, or if an owner or lessee acquires personal knowledge of such rule violation by the third party, the owner or lessee is responsible to take such prompt and reasonable action as to protect his/her horse. An owner or lessee may be disciplined in accordance with the rules contained herein, including the enhancement of penalty rule, for failure to take such prompt and reasonable action.