VIO640 - 641. Enhancement of Penalty


VIO640. ENHANCEMENT OF PENALTY: The Executive Committee may enhance suspension, penalty and/or fine of repeat offenders of AQHA rules and regulations and include owners or lessees who have repeatedly placed the care or custody of their horses with such repeat offenders, according to guidelines that it may, from time to time, set to a maximum of indefinite suspension of membership privileges and/or fine to a maximum of $5,000. Such disciplinary actions are enhancements of those disciplinary actions listed in VIO510.

An owner or lessee of a registered American Quarter Horse is responsible for the actions of all third parties in whose care the owner or lessee places his horse, including, but not limited to, trainer or exhibitor. When such third party is convicted of a violation of AQHA rules involving owner’s or lessee’s horse, or if an owner or lessee acquires personal knowledge of such rule violation by the third party, the owner or lessee is responsible to take such prompt and reasonable action as to protect his horse and AQHA from repeat offenses. Failure by the owner or lessee to take such action, or repeat offenses by such third parties involving the owner’s or lessee’s horse or horses, constitutes the owner or lessee eligible for inclusion in enhancement of penalty under AQHA disciplinary rules.