VIO655 - 700. Effect of Suspension on Privileges in AQHA-Approved Events


VIO655. EFFECT OF SUSPENSION ON PRIVILEGES IN AQHA-APPROVED EVENTS: On or after such time as any person has been denied participation privileges in AQHA-approved events, but his membership privileges are not affected, the following restrictions shall apply:

  • VIO655.1 That person shall not be eligible to participate in any AQHA-approved event;
  • VIO655.2 Horses that are recorded in the name of such person, or owned in whole or in part by such person, are not eligible to participate in any AQHA-approved event;
  • VIO655.3 That person shall not be eligible to hold approved judges credentials or any other AQHA accreditation.

VIO656. During the period of denial of AQHA privileges, failure to comply with these restrictions and any other express conditions or restrictions of said disciplinary action may constitute grounds for further disciplinary action.
VIO657. If denial or revocation of show privileges includes denial of access or presence on show grounds, the person shall refrain from entry or presence on show grounds of any AQHA-approved show grounds during the term of his or her suspension. Failure to comply with such restriction may result in (1) further disciplinary action against such person and (2) disqualification of exhibitors and horses that such person helped prepare for the show or assisted at the show.
VIO658. Every person who is suspended or otherwise disciplined by one of the below specified associations may be suspended or disciplined by AQHA, upon official notice to AQHA by the disciplining association, for the following offenses:

  • VIO658.1 unsportsmanlike conduct at a show or contest;
  • VIO658.2 inhumane treatment of horses; or
  • VIO658.3 prohibited surgical procedure or injection or administration of foreign substances or drugs that could affect a horse’s performance or alter its natural conformation or appearance.

VIO700. The following associations for which reciprocity shall be given and which have enacted and have effected the same rules, are:

  • American Paint Horse Association
  • Barrel Futurities of America
  • Federation Equestre International
  • International Buckskin Horse Association
  • National Cutting Horse Association
  • National Reined Cow Horse Association
  • National Reining Horse Association
  • National Snaffle Bit Association
  • Palomino Horse Breeders of America
  • United States Team Penning Association
  • United States Equestrian Federation
  • World Conformation Horse Association