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Take a look at the stories in the 2014 December Journal:


  • Your First Look at the Journal (Page 4)
  • A Solid Strategy -- Inside Look by Becky Newell (Page 6)
  • Mailbox (Page 8)
  • Choke -- Horse Health by Dr. Thomas R. Lenz (Page 10)
  • Squaw H -- Quarter Paths by Richard Chamberlain (Page 12)
  • Keepin' Busy -- On the Edge of Common Sense  (Page 16)
  • Half-Lit -- Breeding Shed by Dr. Patrick M. McCue (Page 18)
  • Take a Fast Look with the Journal -- AQHA and Quarter Horse industry news (Page 148)
  • Your Last Look at the Journal (Page 276)


  • So You Wanna Breed Your Mare (Page 40) -- Here are some tips on what mare owners need to know about stallion breeding reports.
  • Overseas Semen (Page 44) -- Exporting frozen semen with the help of knowledgeable professionals opens up a whole world for mares.
  • Tools of the Trade (Page 52) -- Here's a beginner's guide to artificial vaginas for stallion owners.
  • Match Maker (Page 58) -- There are some pedigrees that everyone should know. Test your knowledge. 
  • Invitation Only Makes History (Page 62) -- The team from Ohio Pineview Farms talks about Invitation Only and how he passed Zippo Pine Bar this fall as the all-time leading sire. 
  • Borrow a Trainer (Page 68) -- AQHA Professional Horsewoman Nancy Cahill shows you how to manage your split reins properly to be a more effective rider.
  • Taking It for a Spin (Page 78) -- Test out the new ranch division in January.
  • A Compounded Relationship (Page 84) -- Compounding medications is legal when you have a specific veterinarian-client-patient relationship, and the compounded drug is uniquely compounded to meet the specific needs of that patient. 
  • Gloria (Page 92) -- After 60 years, the Minnesota Quarter Horse Association secretary is retiring this month. 
  • Making a Cow Horse (Page 126) -- Follow along with 3-year-old prospects on their path to a Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge.
  • The Kindest Cut (Page 130) -- Making the decision to geld your stallion could be the best choice for him and for you. 
  • Breeder Spotlight: Dun Skippit (Page 138) -- This buckskin stallion was – and still is – the pride and joy of the Shuetts family of South Dakota.
  • Journal Family: Dr. Kellie Herrington (Page 144) -- Meet down-to-earth ranch horse pleasure competitor from Texas.
  • Snapshots (Page 158) -- Look through your barn pictures from AQHA or alliance events.
  • Level 1 Exhibitor Hits the Jackpot (Page 164) -- Traci Nelson and Sinfully Radical win gold in Level 1 hunt seat equitation and a share of he class jackpot at the 2014 SmartPak West AQHA Level 1 (Novice) Championships. 
  • Eastern Fling (Page 170) -- Exhibitors throng to the 2014 Nutrena East AQHA Level 1 (Novice) Championships. 
  • Congress Was Cool (Page 176) -- In October, competitors enjoyed fall at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. 
  • Foundation Donors (Page 182)
  • AQHA Champions (Page 192)
  • World Show Qualifying Points Announced for 2015 (Page 212)
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