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Take a look at the stories in the 2014 October Journal:


  • Your First Look at the Journal (Page 4)
  • AQHA Wants to Hear From You -- Inside Look by Becky Newell (Page 6)
  • Mailbox (Page 8)
  • Blister Beetles -- Horse Health by Dr. Thomas R. Lenz (Page 10)
  • Hustling Man -- Quarter Paths by Richard Chamberlain (Page 12)
  • A Cow Hanging -- On the Edge of Common Sense by Baxter Black  (Page 14)
  • The Novice -- Breeding Shed by Dr. Patrick M. McCue (Page 16)
  • Take a Fast Look with the Journal -- AQHA and Quarter Horse industry news (Page 96)
  • Your Last Look at the Journal (Page 208)


  • Keep 'Em Cozy (Page 40) -- Hay, water, shelter and blankets will keep your horses cozy – and healthy – this winter.
  • Borrow a Trainer (Page 44) -- Use these tips for perfecting and using the two-point, or "half-seat," with help from AQHA Professional Horseman Shane George.
  • 10 Lead-Change Tips (Page 48) -- Master the flying lead change with these 10 tips.
  • Barn Babies (Page 50) -- Breeders share their 2014 arrivals.
  • A New Look, Same Skills (Page 54) -- Classes in the ranch division will celebrate the versatility of the American Quarter Horse.
  • Diagnosis: Sarcoids (Page 60) -- The American Quarter Horse Foundation backs research into promising new treatment for skin tumors.
  • Show Healthy (Page 70) -- Help your horse avoid the dreaded Horse Show Crud with these tips.
  • Home Grown (Page 76) -- The only cutting horse facility in New Jersey is built on an alfalfa foundation.
  • Creative Fellowship (Page 80) -- On the Arizona ranch of Fred and Deborah Fellows, art is a way of life.
  • Journal Family: Shandiin Farrell (Page 88) -- Meet youth exhibitor Shandiin Farrell, who grew up on the Western Navajo Nation.
  • Making Cow Horses (Page 90) -- Follow along with 3-year-old prospects on their path to a Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge.
  • Snapshots (Page 112) -- Look through your barn pictures from AQHA or alliance events.
  • Silver and Gold (Page 118) -- The European Championship of American Quarter Horses celebrated its 25th year. See our coverage from the landmark event in Kreuth, Germany.
  • A Roaring Success (Page 124) -- More than 800 exhibitors, nearly 1,200 horses and 2,536 total entries made up the 2014 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show. 
  • 2014 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Champions and Top-10 Finishers (Page 132)
  • International Honors (Page 144) -- American Quarter Horses charmed the crowds and earned reining medals at the World Equestrian Games. 
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