We Give Thanks

AQHA members Michael and Laurie Boaz recognize that it was the Quarter Horse community that raised their girls.

By Michael and Laurie Boaz
Letter to The American Quarter Horse Journal
February 4, 2013

2012 Cap Gun Circuit in WI photo by bar H Photography

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Editor's note: AQHA members Michael and Laurie Boaz of Prescott, Arizona, sent the following letter to the staff at The American Quarter Horse Journal. The Boazes' letter is featured in the Mailbox section of the February Journal.

We are often reminded of all of that for which we should be grateful, but we often miss the opportunity to voice our gratitude. We’re in the process of watching our two daughters prepare to depart for college and places beyond, and we’re realizing that they have grown into two respectable, responsible young ladies. We smile as we recognize that it wasn’t just us who guided these kids to adulthood. It was the Quarter Horse community that raised our girls.

You rocked our babies when it was our turn to make a run. You didn’t mind when they converted your flatbeds into Breyer horse ranches. You stood all around the fence lines, whispering their patterns to them as they loped by. You didn’t make fun of them when they showed up for the lead-line and walk-trot classes with rubber on their horns.

You taught them how to braid manes and tails, and even let them learn to clip on your help-horses. You guys let our girls “warm up” your rope horses, even after you were done showing. You tolerated them as they gathered up all of your beloved dogs for walks around the show grounds. You drove through a blizzard when they invited you to watch them sell their pigs at the 4-H Show and Sale.

You taught them how to prank and how to be pranked, but you always insisted that they be good sports. Your kids befriended them and let them tag along, even when ours were younger and slower. You taught them how to TP a motorhome, launch a water balloon and drive a golf cart.

You encouraged them when they were nervous, looked out for them when they were in the way and cheered for them when it was their turn to learn about the show pen. Even if they hadn’t seen you or your kids for months on end, you always greeted them as though we hadn’t missed a beat together, and they knew that they would have friends wherever they went. Because of you, they are confident and capable.

How can we thank you enough for your contributions to our lives, and to theirs? We look forward to enjoying many more years in this community, and we hope that someday we can contribute to your lives the same way in which you’ve added so much to ours.

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