NRHA Cowtown Classic

The National Reining Horse Association returns to Fort Worth, Texas, August 10-17 with nearly $160,000 in added money.

National Reining Horse Association
March 1, 2013

Ruben Vandorp, photo courtesy of NRHA

NRHA Cowtown Classic event conditions can be found online on the forms page at www.nrhaclassic.com. (Photo courtesy of NRHA)

The National Reining Horse Association has hosted two successful events at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas and has finalized its plans for a third event. The 2013 NRHA Cowtown Classic will run August 10-17 and once again will bring the sport of reining to the “City of Cowboys and Culture.” The event will offer nearly $160,000 in added money for aged-event competition, plus plenty of ancillary opportunities for youth to prime-time reiners.

Event conditions can be found online on the forms page at www.nrhaclassic.com. More information will be posted on the site as it becomes available.

2-Point Break-of-Gait Review

On February 9, 2013, the NRHA Board of Directors approved the review of 2-point break-of-gait penalties during the NRHA Cowtown Classic Novice Horse Derby and Pre-Futurity classes under the following conditions:

  • Break-of-gait is the only 2-point penalty eligible for review by the judges.
  • In the 2- or 3-judge system, the review will occur if the call is not unanimous.

The 2-point penalty has a great impact upon the placing of a class while at times being one of the most difficult calls a judge makes. Many in the industry have asked for the reviews to be extended beyond 5-point penalties and penalty score zeros in order to provide a way for judges to take a second look at these difficult calls and thus result in more accurate scores. The NRHA judges committee discussed several options for the 2-point review, debated which penalties to review, how many judges on a team would need to call the penalty to initiate the review, whether to review the go-rounds and finals or only the finals and considered the potential impact to the flow of the show. Upon evaluating these variables and determining that the break-of-gait penalty was the most often disputed 2-point penalty, they submitted their request to the NRHA board of directors. The board approved their proposal for both the go-rounds and finals. After evaluating the efficacy of this practice, the board will work with the judges committee to determine if this would be a viable practice for NRHA to consider on a larger scale.

For more information on the Cowtown Classic, visit www.nrhaclassic.com.