All-Around Amateurs

The future is full of possibilities for Kaleena Weakly and Hours Yours And Mine, the 2012 AQHA all-around amateur champions.

By Jennifer K. Hancock
The American Quarter Horse Journal
April 3, 2013

Kaleena Weakly and Hours Yours And Mine, photo by Impulse Photography

“Everybody at the shows and a lot of judges know her as 'Blondie,' ” Kaleena Weakly says of Hours Yours And Mine. (Photo by Impulse Photography)

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Back on top of the 2012 all-around amateur standings is Kaleena Weakly and Hours Yours And Mine. In 2011, the duo set their sights on the award and hauled to earn it. In 2012, they reaped the reward of the previous year’s hard work and solid foundation and found themselves back on top in the standings.

“To be 100 percent honest, we had no intention of hauling for the all-around this year,” Kaleena says. “The year before when we did it, she was so green, and we were still teaching her a lot.

“This year, she was a lot more seasoned,” Kaleena adds. “We went out, and we did really well. We didn’t go to as many shows. We went to larger shows, and we did well. The points just piled up so at the end of the year, we were able to sit home and not go to shows like we had to before when we were chasing points.”

Hours Yours And Mine is a 2006 sorrel mare by The Radical Hour and out of the Blazing Hot mare One Pretty Blaze. Kaleena is thankful for her husband and fellow horse show enthusiast, Josh Weakly, for his support helping her earn another all-around amateur award.

“Josh is my biggest thank you for the year,” she says. “We bought the horse together when she was a 2-year-old. We’ve done it all together.”

Josh and Kaleena live in Shelbyville, Illinois, and met at a show in 2002. Josh shows halter horses, and Kaleena focuses on a variety of classes. Kaleena’s favorite class is showmanship. That’s reflected in the success that Kaleena and “Blondie” have had in that class. Together, they have earned 737 lifetime points in showmanship. In addition to winning the all-around amateur title, the pair also picked up the 2012 high-point amateur showmanship award and high-point amateur performance halter mares award. Blondie was also the 2012 high-point senior performance halter mare.

One of the highlights of the 2012 show year was placing sixth at the Bank of America Amateur AQHA World Championship Show in horsemanship.

“We are really proud that we were sixth at the World in horsemanship,” Kaleena says. “Sixth place felt like winning to me because we were really proud of her pattern. It was a great show for us.”

Kaleena says that Hours Yours And Mine has developed quite a following at the horse shows, but hardly anyone knows the mare by her registered name.

“Everybody at the shows and a lot of judges know her as Blondie,” Kaleena says. “It’s pretty cute. It’s probably due to Facebook because I’m kind of a Facebook freak with photos.

“We do a lot photo shoots with my really good friend Mallory Beinborn, who has Impulse Photography,” she continues. “We have a blast, and we do crazy things. We will turn Blondie loose, and she loves having her picture taken. She loves the camera. It’s funny because she acts like a person. People tease us because we are always getting our pictures taken, but it’s a fun pastime for us.”

Kaleena also credits trainers Jason and Jessica Gilliam for her success in 2012.

“Jason and Jessica have been behind us all the way,” she says. “All three of us taught her everything she knows.”

In the future, Kaleena hopes to share Blondie with the Gilliams’ 2-year-old daughter Shayne for lead-line classes.  

As far as Blondie’s immediate future, she’s spending a little time early in 2013 in the breeding shed.

Hours Yours And Mine will be bred to Lazy Loper, but Kaleena plans to continue showing her in 2013.

“I have a couple of young projects that I am trying to show, too, but it’s a lot of fun to have an old broke horse that you can rely on,” Kaleena says. “We’re going to keep showing her at the big shows and keep having fun.”

Kaleena and Josh are also trying to start a family of their own, so they are not planning on hauling for the all-around title again this year. But, then again, that wasn’t the plan for 2012, either.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Kaleena says optimistically. “The future is full of possibilities.”

Jennifer K. Hancock, for the Journal, sat down with Hours Yours And Mine to get her side of the story on the all-around amateur win. To find out what the sorrel mare had to say, read the free digital edition of the April Journal.