Feliz Cumpleanos, Lagos de Moreno

A new sculpture will honor the American Quarter Horse and a city's birthday in Mexico.

By Larri Jo Starkey
The American Quarter Horse Journal
April 12, 2013

Artist rendering of statue in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

Artist rendering of the statue in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico. (Courtesy of Jesus Vega de Leon)

American Quarter Horse enthusiasts plan to mount a bronze in the middle of highway intersections to honor the history of the horse in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco.

“Lagos de Moreno has always been known as the capital of the American Quarter Horse in Mexico, because the horse arrived there first,” said Jesus Vega de Leon, vice president of board of directors for the group organizing the monument. He’s also a Texas Aggie from the class of 1957, he added.

The city of Lagos de Moreno with about 153,000 residents celebrates its 450th birthday this year, Vega said, and a bronze sculpture of an American Quarter Horse seemed an appropriate way to mark both occasions.

“There aren’t that many places with that many years to celebrate,” he said.

The directing committee has recruited internationally famed sculptor Carlos Terres for the project.

“He’s a personal friend,” Vega said. “He has worked in Spain, Mexico and the United States. In Spain, a street has been named for him.”

Terres has already begun the bronze, which will be two times life size. The organizing committee said it needs $180,000 for the materials to complete the project and mount it on a large concrete pedestal.

“It’s in the intersection of the two most important highways in Mexico,” Vega said, “the Pan American and the highway from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts.”

Vega said anyone who has questions about the project or who would be willing to donate money for its completion should call him at 01152-474-742-3509.

Although the breed's origin is in the United States, American Quarter Horses are everywhere, and spreading worldwide excitement for the breed is one of the Association's aims. In fact, the second Latin American Championships are slated for April 15-21 in Avaré, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Visit the AQHA En Espanol Facebook page for event updates, and stay tuned to www.aqha.com/showing for event coverage, brought to you by The American Quarter Horse Journal.