Iowa Show Circuit

The Des Moines circuit kicks off June 3 with exhibitors hailing from 20 states and Canada.

By Kris Moorman
Iowa Show Circuit
June 3, 2013

Iowa Show Circuit, Kris Moorman photo

The Iowa Show Circuit began June 3 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. (Photo courtesy of Kris Moorman)

Exhibitors traveled in from 20 states and Canada to kick off the Iowa Show Circuit, which began June 3 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

On the afternoon of June 2, an enthusiastic audience was treated to great clinics by AQHA Professional Horsemen, starting with Iowa’s Joni Nelson in trail, Valerie Kearns in showmanship and Brent Maxwell in horsemanship, with Stephanie Lynn lending her talent as emcee. Each clinician presented a 30-minute clinic and answered questions from the audience.

The Iowa Show Circuit’s true one-fee show has received many positive compliments, and that has encouraged exhibitors from all levels, all the way from true Novice to trainers. The June 3 classes were good sized, with western pleasure classes with more than 50 entries. Show entries are expected to exceed last year’s total number, which was 8,700.

With a sold-out show already, unfortunately Iowa was only able to host about two dozen exhibitors from the Redbud Spectacular, an Oklahoma City event that was cut short due to extreme weather conditions. (The Redbud reining classes were rescheduled for June 7-9.)

Watch for updates at www.IowaShowCircuit2013.blogspot.com.

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