NCEA Sportsmanship Award

Delaware State University lands the inaugural collegiate award, which was conceptualized by a student-athlete.

National Collegiate Equestrian Association
June 4, 2013

National Collegiate Equestrian Association

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From an early age, the importance of sportsmanship has been impressed upon University of Georgia equestrian student-athlete Carly Anthony.
Her mother, Cara, is the head trainer at Potcreek Meadow Farm in Redmond, Washington, which, for the past 14 years has sponsored the Junior Sportsmanship Award at the Thermal Horse Show, and recently began supporting the award at the World Equestrian Festival.
Anthony felt it would be equally important to bring a similar award to the National Collegiate Equestrian Association. The NCEA presented the inaugural award, donated by Champions Choice Trophy, to Delaware State University at the 2013 NCEA spring meeting in Indianapolis this past May.
“Sportsmanship is such a key element of competition and, as this award shows, it separates the good riders from the great riders,” Anthony said. “I wanted to bring this award to the NCEA because great sportsmanship from a team aspect should not only be the norm, but should be held at the forefront of the team’s mission.”
Delaware State head coach Jennifer Ridgely was honored by the award and appreciative of what it represented about her team.
“We work extremely hard to win each competition, but character and sportsmanship are just as important to our program,” Ridgely said. “The positive values we impart to our young ladies will carry them well beyond their college years.”
The award, voted upon by the coaches of the NCEA, will be presented each spring to the team which displayed the best sportsmanship during the preceding season of competition.
“This award is to inspire teams to be great winners, as well as humble losers, and use adversity as a pathway for responsibility and success,” Anthony said.