Professional Horseman in Action

Keeping with 'actions speak louder than words,' AQHA Professional Horseman Stephanie Lynn leads by example at the Iowa Show Circuit.

By Kris Moorman
Iowa Show Circuit
June 24, 2013

Stephanie Lynn and Christina Granatier at the 2013 Iowa Show Circuit, photo courtesy of Kris Moorman

AQHA Professional Horseman Stephanie Lynn’s (left) outreach struck a chord with the Christina Granatier, who intends to stall with Stephanie’s group at future shows. (Photo courtesy of Kris Moorman)

At the Iowa Show Circuit, we like to get to know our exhibitors.

Many competitors have been coming to our show for decades, but it seems every year we still meet new exhibitors. One exhibitor in particular that I’ve gotten to know this past year is Stephanie Lynn, an AQHA judge and Professional Horseman from Fall Creek, Wisconsin. Always looking for an opportunity to give back to the industry, Stephanie graciously offered to mentor a youth or amateur while at this year’s Iowa Show Circuit, June 3-8 in Des Moines.

The first potential recipient who came to mind was a new name: Select amateur exhibitor Christina Granatier of Coal Valley, Illinois. Christina was actually one the first exhibitors to reserve stalls for the Iowa Show Circuit; she did so back in the middle of January. I contacted Christina, asking if she would be interested in an AQHA Professional Horseman as a mentor during the show.

Christina’s response to me was this: “I would love the opportunity. I am not with a trainer, and I compete in a pile of events. I would love some input. Thanks so much for thinking of me.”

While new Iowa Show Circuit exhibitor Christine was far from a Novice and had lots of experience, she did appreciate having a second eye and being part of a group.

“I firmly believe that the success and future of our equine industry lie in the hands of the trainers and professionals, whose job it is to make sure everyone feels welcome and like they are part of the show,” Stephanie says. “It is my belief that as horsemen, it is all of our jobs to help other riders become better horsemen. If all we do is listen to their concerns or offer advice about a pattern or piece of equipment, we have done something to include new people, educate and bring out the best in our competition.”

Christina and her son, Cody, are relatively new to the area. But Stephanie’s outreach struck a chord with the Granatiers, who intend to stall with Stephanie’s group at future shows.

“It was fun getting to know Christina and to watch her excitement as she and her horse progressed through the week,” Stephanie says.

Stephanie’s enthusiasm for the exhibitor is great to see, especially since it was backed by action, not just words.

This outreach fits well with the way my mother, Mary Moorman, a longtime manager of the Iowa Show Circuit, has always gone that extra step to make sure all exhibitors feel welcome. The Iowa Show Circuit, from its flat-fee structure to outreach programs, is about encouragement, hospitality and growth.

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