AQHYA and Beyond

The July American Quarter Horse Journal celebrates the past, present and future of the industry – in the form of its youth members.

The American Quarter Horse Journal
July 3, 2013

July 2013 cover of The American Quarter Horse Journal featuring Blake Bostwick and Nikkilena

On the cover of this month's Journal, AQHYA member Blake Bostwick of Fall City, Washington, and Nikkilena work a cow in one of AQHA's newest classes, boxing. (Photo by Tara Matsler)

Historically known as The American Quarter Horse Journal’s annual youth issue, this year’s July edition spotlights AQHYA members – where they are, where they’ve been and where they’re going.

Mixing equal parts of now and then, this month the Journal staff serves up such stories as “Beyond AQHYA,” where you’ll read about how Zane Pluhar is now serving his country; find out how Elizabeth Borders-Combs is combining her love of horses and marketing as a graphic designer; learn where AQHYA Past President Jackie Rapp has set down her roots; see how Eli Edelkind is adjusting to civilian life after serving overseas; plus take a look at the trophies Casie Lisabeth-Maxwell has racked up as a varsity equestrian team coach.

In the July Journal, you can also take a look back at Tom Raffles, best known as AQHA Professional Horseman Carla Wennberg’s once-in-a-lifetime youth horse, and meet Mark Mowbray, the 2012-13 AQHYA president. These folks are just a few of the many AQHA members featured in the July Journal whose lives got off to a great start thanks to their proximity to Quarter Horses.

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See what else lies in store for you in the July Journal:

  • Plus This! The Basics – This month, we’re rolling out a new series with AQHA Professional Horseman Dick Pieper. The skills Dick will teach you in this series are easily applied to reined cow horse, reining, stock horse and Versatility Ranch Horse competition, plus much more. In Part 1, Dick shows you how to get your colt started with the basics.
  • Borrow a Trainer – AQHA Professional Horseman Andy Moorman demonstrates two exercises to work on balance.
  • Barn Babies – The wildly popular “Barn Babies” is back this month. See if you can find your foal in our shout-out to American Quarter Horse breeders.
  • Structure in Detail – Our conformation experts look at base wide or base narrow from behind in this continuing series.
  • Penny’s Rocky – With points in everything from pole bending to showmanship, Penny’s Rocky was the epitome of an all-around performer.
  • Meet Miss Scarlett – AQHYA member Tara Osburn, a participant in the AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program, began raising a project filly in October 2012. Enjoy her monthly reports, which show her progress as a horsewoman.
  • Keeping It In the Family – Find out how the McCanns of Washington State spread a love of showing and raising American Quarter Horses across three generations.
  • Breeder Spotlight: Skip Brown – Ride along with the legendary Skip Brown, and read about how this cowboy journeyed into the record books.

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The American Quarter Horse Journal is available in digital format, too! Current subscribers, visit www.aqha.com/journal to access the full issue of the Journal in a convenient digital format.