The American Quarter Horse Journal

As American Quarter Horses take the world by storm, trot across the globe with the September American Quarter Horse Journal.

The American Quarter Horse Journal
September 3, 2013

September 2013 American Quarter Horse Journal

Don’t miss this month’s featured cover story, “Hoofing the Cost of Research,” an in-depth look at the latest developments in laminitis research.

While they may be American in name and origin, American Quarter Horses have long been making an impact on the international equine industry. As a nod to that, the September American Quarter Horse Journal is taking you on a trip around the world.

First, you’ll get to meet five all-around Quarter Horse owners from across the globe in “International Snapshot.” Keep reading, and you’ll learn that Jorge Volpe’s legacy of Argentine-bred American Quarter Horses is a dream three decades old, and one you can read about in “Los Caballos Quebracho Herrado.” Next, you’ll find “Polo Ponies,” a look at how the American Quarter Horse’s versatile skills are being utilized by the world’s top polo players. In our digital edition we've also included a video with top polo player Sunny Hale, who discusses several American Quarter Horses that are excelling at polo. And in “Ranch Horses in France,” you can travel to AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder Red Spring Ranch, which breeds for horses with good minds, kind hearts and sound bodies.

Don’t miss this month’s featured cover story, “Hoofing the Cost of Research,” an in-depth look at the latest developments in laminitis research. Thanks to funding from the American Quarter Horse Foundation, researchers have been able to unlock the mysteries of laminitis, which means great things for you and your trusty steed. Be sure to read “Hoofing the Cost of Research” – your horse will be glad you did.  

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The September Journal is also chock full of training, breeding, business and news articles, too. See what else lies in store for you in this month’s issue:

  • Ranch Pleasure Review – In the second year of competition, judges want to see even more forward movement from ranch pleasure horses. Sit down with AQHA judges and top ranch pleasure competitors for their take on setting the bar high in this new event. We've included a video in our digital edition that shows you exactly what the judges are looking for.
  • A Horseman’s Eye – We’re rolling out our newest structure series this month. In this collection, the late American Quarter Horse Hall of Famer Charley Araujo sheds light on evaluating American Quarter Horse conformation. Breaking a horse into thirds, this month Charley starts at the front.
  • Borrow a Trainer – Looking to improve your trail and western riding performances? AQHA Professional Horseman Buddy Fisher shows you the secrets to his trail wheel warm-up. In our digital edition you can even watch Buddy's 2012 junior trail world championship run with PF Put It In Park.
  • 1 (800) Medications – Brush up on AQHA’s therapeutic medications rules and drug-testing procedures before you head to this fall’s championship shows.
  • Plus This! – AQHA Professional Horseman Dick Pieper helps you get your colt started right with the basics in Part 3 of a six-part series. In this edition, Dick works on hip movement, which leads to improved circles and lead changes. And you can even watch a training video with Dick in the digital edition of the Journal.
  • He’s a Hit – Meet Storm Cat’s only American Quarter Horse progeny, Stray Cat, a graded stakes winner owned by Lyle Lovett, and watch a video of one of Stray Cat's races in the digital edition.
  • Members Only – How impressive! Fly The Red Eye has become the 49th Open AQHA Supreme Champion.
  • Barn Babies – What showed up in your barn this spring? Well, our Journal readers shared photos of their pride-and-joys.

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