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Take a long-term view of the industry with the December American Quarter Horse Journal.

The American Quarter Horse Journal
December 2, 2013

December 2013 American Quarter Horse Journal cover

Traditionally, the December Journal is the magazine’s annual stallion issue. What that means is this issue is a priceless resource for not just stallion owners but mare owners, as well.

Beginning in colonial America, the American Quarter Horse began from a diverse genetic base of largely Thoroughbred and Spanish blood that was added to and developed for roughly 200 years, focusing on producing quickness and durability. But fast-forward to the modern era of specialized American Quarter Horse performers – especially at the highest levels – and you find specialization in the breeding herd, too; specific groups of individuals used to produce top performers.

Recent genetic research supported by the American Quarter Horse Foundation reveals that certain populations of the American Quarter Horse are losing genetic diversity. “Changing Genetic Research” in the December American Quarter Horse Journal dives into that research and shows readers the findings mean for the breed’s future. Then, in “Looking to Outcross,” respected voices in our industry speak out on what can be done to build back genetic diversity in those specific groups.

Traditionally, the December Journal is the magazine’s annual stallion issue. What that means is this issue is a priceless resource for not just stallion owners but mare owners, as well.

In addition to “Changing Genetic Landscape” and “Looking to Outcross,” these are the other valuable articles for breeders:

  • Breeder Spotlight: Renaissance Cowboy – Jeffrey Matthews wants to raise and make an Everyman’s horse ... that could take you to the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity. Meet the owner of leading sire One Time Pepto and see how Jeffrey applies progressive ideas to stallion management, as well as old-time reined cow horse strategies to colt-breaking.
  • Testing 1, 2, 3 … – Be a steward of the breed’s future and test your American Quarter Horses for all five genetic diseases with just one test. And have you ever wondered why all accepted genetic tests must be completed through UC-Davis? We explain the reasoning in the December Journal.
  • Caslick 101 – A tiny surgery can be a big fix for some mares. Arm yourself for breeding season with a better understanding of the Caslick’s surgery.
  • 2014 AQHA Incentive Fund Stallions – Do you have a special mare in mind to breed this spring? Why not put money back in your pocket by raising an AQHA Incentive Fund-enrolled foal? Start your stallion search with this list of stallions enrolled in the Incentive Fund for 2014.
  • Predicting FoalingJournal special contributor Dr. Patrick McCue walks mare owners through the clinical signs of impending foaling, and explains how commercial test kits can narrow down the expected delivery date in this month’s “Breeding Shed.”

The December Journal is chock full of training and news articles, plus feature stories, too:

  • Overhauled – Exhibitor feedback helps revamp the AQHA leveling program for 2014. See how the changes will affect how you show next season.
  • Borrow a Trainer – In ranch horse pleasure, sidepassing over a log asks horse and rider to work as a team. This month, AQHA Professional Horseman William “Bill” Bormes shows you how to work in unison with your horse so you’re on your way to a ranch pleasure win. Don't miss the video in the digital edition of the Journal of Bill and ranch pleasure year-end high-point champion Lavish Love in the Colorado great outdoors, showing you how to practice ranch pleasure maneuvers.
  • Plus This! – All things, even extremely good things, must come to an end. AQHA Professional Horseman Dick Pieper wraps up his “Plus This!” series this month, showing readers how to get their colts started right with circles and backing, or tune up a seasoned mount for success in reining or reined work.
  • Journal Family: Grace DeGelder – Meet Novice youth competitor Grace DeGelder of Rockford, Michigan.
  • Still Horse-Crazy – The welfare of the American Quarter Horse is paramount in Sandy Arledge’s mind. Meet the esteemed horsewoman and newest member of the AQHA Executive Committee in the December Journal.
  • Full-Time Horsemen – The rodeoing Fisher family of Andrews, Texas, knows good horses and hard work are the best ways to make it to the national finals.
  • All-American Versatility – Horses from 49 states competed at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio, and the Journal was there to capture the action.
  • Out West – The 2013 SmartPak AQHA West Novice Championship Show boasted nearly 1,500 entries. Catch the Journal’s coverage of the event.
  • Off the Ground – Novice exhibitors took wing and flew during the 2013 Nutrena AQHA East Novice Championship Show. Read up on the Journal’s high-flying event coverage from the seat of a Cessna 172.
  • WCHA and Big Money Futurities – AQHA and the World Conformation Horse Association recognized owner-breeder-exhibitors with special trophies and a big exhibitor party September 21, which included a tug of war with top halter trainers as well as musical accompaniment from halter exhibitor and breeder James Melvin Kifer. Turn to the “Fast Look” section of the digital edition of the Journal to watch a video of James singing and playing the piano.
  • A New Christmas Movie – "Cowboy Christmas" is a feature-length documentary that follows Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association steer wrestlers Matt Reeves, Darrell Petry and Sam Koenig as they travel the rodeo circuit during Cowboy Christmas, or the two weeks before the Fourth of July. Turn to the "Fast Look" section of the digital edition of the Journal to watch the trailer for the award-winning documentary.
  • A Horseman’s Eye – In the final part of a four-part series, we reflect on legendary horseman Charley Araujo's insight on conditioning and professionalism in the show pen.
  • Subscriber SnapshotsJournal readers sent us their best shots from AQHA and alliance events, and we picked the best of the best for the pages of the December Journal.

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