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2012 Select World

Stake Race

Ten years of placing in the top 10 finally resulted in a world champion trophy for Roger Olson and Seven S Docs Sierra.

For Roger Olson of Scottsdale, Arizona, 10 years of attendance at the 2012 Adequan Select World Championship Show finally landed him a world champion title. Not only that, but he won it on the horse he’s been riding for all 10 of those years.

“This horse is 13 years old (and) I’ve had him since he was 3,” Roger said of Seven S Docs Sierra in his Journal Winning Run interview. “I’ve had him back here at the Select World all 10 years. The highest we’ve placed, I think, is fourth place, but we’ve placed quite a bit.”

“He’s just a lot of fun to ride and he’s basically a rope horse. That’s our main event, and I enter these others to take a chance at the all-around,” he said. “That has not worked out real well, but it’s been a great time trying.”

Roger was very proud of his run in the stake race with “Candy Man,”

“My run went very fast, very unexpected,” he said. “I knew he could do it, but I didn’t think he’d be that quick. It was kinda run-and-go and let it all hang out. It worked.”

The win has special meaning behind it because Roger does the majority of the work to make it to the Select World on his own.

“I basically do my own (training), I get some help from two or three people, but I basically do my own horses,” he said.

For Roger, half of the fun of competing at a world championship show is the qualification process.

“Qualifying was just good, we just did our job and qualified. And it’s always fun to qualify,” he said. “It’s fun to enter a bunch of events and kind of tic them off that you’re qualified for this one and that one, and just keep after it.”

Although this is Roger’s first world champion win at the Select World, he’s no stranger to the gold trophy. Roger and his wife, Susan, won amateur world championships at the very first AQHA World Show in 1981.

“We roped the very first show that had amateur roping and she won the heeling and I won the heading,” he said. “We were helping each other, so it was great fun.”

Although Roger’s wife could not make it to the show, he had plenty of support while he was completing his winning run.

“I have friends here from Arizona and a good friend here in Amarillo, who are cheering me on,” he said. “And a whole bunch of friends from Nebraska that I know, so I’ve had some good fans.”

Roger wanted to thank one special person after the win finally sank in.

“I’d like to thank my wife. She’s home taking care of things,” he said. “I wish she was here.”

Getting back to his teammate in the stakes race, Roger gave a simple explanation for his horse’s nickname outside of the show ring.

“The Candy Man can,” he said with a smile.

Candy Man can win, and at the 2012 Adequan Select World Championship Show, he did.

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2012 Adequan Select World Champions in Stake Race Roger Olson and Seven S Docs Sierra

Roger Olson of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Seven S Docs Sierra win the World Champion title in the Stake Race class at the 2012 Adequan Select World Championship Show. (Journal Photo)