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November 18, 2010

November 18

An international spectator returns to see her former boss.

By Mallory Martin
The American Quarter Horse Journal

AQHA World Show Championship

Lainie DeBoer and Anne-Sophie Bacon

The AQHA World Championship Show welcomes exhibitors and spectators from all around the world.

One spectator, Anne-Sophie Bacon, traveled to the World Show from Brittany, France. She came to see AQHA Professional Horseman Lainie Deboer of Forest Lake, Minnesota.

“I wanted to come back to see her again.” Anne-Sophie told The American Quarter Horse Journal in an interview. “She told me there was a big horse show, and I wanted to see that, too, so I came.”

Anne-Sophie had the opportunity to watch Lainie show in the junior and senior hunter hack finals November 16. She is excited to see the World Show.

“Well, I just love that you can see a lot,” Anne-Sophie said. “It’s very big and different from France. I don’t show in France, so I cannot see the difference. This is fun; it’s good.”  

When Anne-Sophie finished school in France, she wanted to come to the United States to learn about working with horses. Through an exchange program, she was able to connect with Lainie 12 years ago.

After spending a year with Lainie, Anne-Sophie went back to France to start her own horse business. While in the United States she learned about American Quarter Horses, so when she returned to France, she decided to make them a part of her farm.

“I bought (an American) Quarter Horse mare two years ago,” Anne-Sophie told the Journal.

Anne-Sophie’s farm is in Bretaigne, France. Anne-Sophie and her partner Edmond Moulin raise foals by their Quarter Horse stallion, Sir Leo Dudes.

“This year I have two foals, and next year I should have four,” said Anne-Sophie.

Sir Leo Dudes is a 1993 sorrel stallion bred in France by Franz Massaux and owned by Edmond. Together, he and Anne Sophie run the farm. They also have a son, Adrien.

As another part of their farm, Anne-Sophie has clients who come to ride her horses.

“Most of my clients come every week,” Anne-Sophie said. “We don’t show. Through the summer, we have people on vacation who just want to see the countryside…. Most of these people have never ridden before. So we take them on an hour ride, a quiet ride…. We also have good riders who go far away. Every year, we do a week ride, too.”

The Quarter Horse temperament makes the horses ideal for Anne-Sophie’s business.

During her time in the United States, Anne-Sophie spent two days at the 2010 World Show and then went back to Minnesota with Lainie to visit with her friends before she travels back to France.