November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Equitation Over Fences

It’s a vision of gold.

It’s been five years since the bright sorrel mare Vision Of Art won two world championships at the 2005 AQHA World Championship Show – one with owner Becky King in equitation over fences, the other with AQHA Professional Horseman Alfred Hewitt in junior working hunter.

Since then she’s had multiple World Show top-10 finishes in over fences classes, but no gold trophy until November 12, 2010, in amateur equitation over fences.

“I was a little nervous coming in,” Becky told The American Quarter Horse Journal shortly after the win. “The first line was a bending, and we decided to go straight in from the gate, and that was actually my hardest because I had to do a lead change down it. Then after that, everything just flowed and she was right on. She was perfect; I love her!”

Why so nervous? “Because I schooled really well last night and I thought, ‘Oh no, did I do all my (good) trips last night in practice?’ Nope! We had one more left in us. It worked out perfect.”

Becky said that Alfred found Vision Of Art when she was a 2-year-old, and Becky had been looking for a horse.

“He picked her out, I never saw her, she came home, got off the trailer, and it was the first time I saw her. She’s 10 now, so I’ve had her for eight years. She’s like a member of my family, and I just love her to death.”

The two showed against a top field of finalist competitors, including reserve world champion Adelaide Moncrief on Steady Spirit.

“Just the competition at this level is just amazing,” Becky said. “I am just so honored just to be in the same ring as all of these people. I mean, if you can make it back to the finals, you already feel like you’ve accomplished something. I’m just very happy to be here, I feel very blessed.”

Becky and Vision Of Art are done for the 2010 World Show. They are headed home to North Palm Beach, Florida, for a long rest until the Florida Quarter Horse Association Gulf and Gold Coast Circuits.

“She’s going to get a Sweet Shop cinnamon roll all to herself,” Becky said. “She’s now on vacation and so am I. I can finally relax.”

Becky King and Vision Of Art, 2010 AQHA amateur equitation over fences world champions.

Vision Of Art and Becky King