November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Junior Working Hunter

Naturally Brilliant shines in the junior working hunter finals.

AQHA Professional Horseman Linda Crothers of Sarasota, Florida, was at Alfred Hewitt’s stalls braiding one of his horses, Naturally Brilliant, for the afternoon hunter finals November 13.

Alfred walked up and told her, “Go get your hat,” and Linda went from braiding to suddenly riding the brown gelding in his afternoon finals classes – the progressive working hunter and the junior working hunter.

“I hurt myself last night and Linda filled in for me and did a fabulous job,” Alfred told the Journal when all was said and done; Linda rode Naturally Brilliant to a third in the progressive and the championship in the junior. “I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

“I rode him this morning for the first time,” Linda said. “We jumped about six jumps up in Barn 8 and kind of went with it. I rode him in the progressive and got a little feel for him, and he was very good there…. (I) figured out a couple of things, and he came back a little better in the junior and it worked out.

She added: “He’s got a huge step; he’s a lovely horse to ride. Great owners, great trainer – it was a lot of fun.”

An AQHA Professional Horseman based in Loxahatchee, Florida, Alfred found Naturally Brilliant for owners David and Joanne Farrar “a couple of years ago,” and purchased him from Ellen Jost and Rick Skelly at the end of the Florida winter Quarter Horse circuits.

“We held him off to start this year,” Alfred said. “We’ve been showing all year and been very successful.” He added, “(Joanne) will be showing him in the amateur classes next year. I’ll probably continue showing him.”

And hopefully they will return to the AQHA World Championship Show next year.

“It is (a) nice (show),” Alfred said. “I think, speaking for Linda, we both really enjoy all our friends at the Quarter Horse shows, and we enjoy doing the AQHA events.”

AQHA World Championship Show

Naturally Brilliant and Linda Crothers