November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

3-Year-Old Mares

MTK Rules scores in memory of Maggie Bellville's husband.

MTK Rules placed first under just one judge in 3-year-old mares at the 2010 AQHA World Championship Show. But that single first place plus two seconds and a third were enough to earn “Lexie” the world championship November 18.

For owner Margaret Bellville of Atlanta, the win had special significance.

“My husband of 20 years passed away two weeks ago,” she told the Journal in her winning run interview. “He’s the one who wanted to do halter. He bought our first halter mare and started showing her.

“But as his condition degenerated, Ronald Stratton said, ‘You need to get this mare qualified,’ and we never stopped. I won the Select World with Hez Sacred, and I won Select World with this mare this year, and this is just a cap. I think Lew is looking down on us and blessed us and was here when we won.”

Lexie also has special significance in Maggie’s life. AQHA Professional Horseman Ronald Stratton found the sorrel mare for Maggie, who enjoys her princess attitude and her winning ways.

“She is the ultimate diva,” Maggie said. “Peppermints are not good enough. I was banished from the aisle all day today because she needed her beauty rest, and if I was there, she’d stand and come watch me so I’d pet her. She needed to sleep because the show was late tonight. She’s a phenomenal mare, and we love her.”

Lexie won the 2010 Select world championship in 3-year-old mares and was reserve world champion in 2009. In the 2010 World Show open class, AQHA Professional Horseman Ted Turner Jr. of Thackerville, Oklahoma, was at the shank.

“She has just been brilliant,” Maggie said. “She showed beautifully tonight, and I thank Ted Turner and especially Ron Stratton for picking her out, conditioning her and showing her all year long and allowing Ted to show her.”

3-Year-Old Mare world champions MTK Rules and Ted Turner Jr at the AQHA World Championship Show

MTK Rules and Ted Turner Jr.