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Yearling Stallions

Hes So That: two world championships are twice as nice.

Gene Parker and Hes So That captured the win in yearling stallions at the 2010 AQHA World Championship Show.

Gene showed November 19 for owners Susan and Phil Drawdy of Fort Pierce, Florida.

The yearling stallion has had a good World Show: he and Susan were world champions in amateur yearling stallions, too.

Susan and Phil are very proud of their young stallion, whom Susan called “everything I ever wanted.”

Entering the class, Gene was hoping for the best, he told the Journal.

“Well, (I was) just hoping he showed good and hoping the judges liked him.”

Gene commented on the stallion’s strong suits, saying “he’s a real neat horse, pretty, correct, balanced.”

Gene also pointed out the stallion is “great-legged, and (has) got a lot of pizzazz to him.”

In the pen, Hes So That showed well, according to Gene.

“(He’s) very easy to show,” he said.

Hes So That placed first under four judges, and second place under the fifth judge. Gene credited the horse’s eye appeal with the placings.

“We were very happy with that,” Gene said.

The Drawdys plan to bring the stallion back to the show pen as a 2-year-old.

“He likes to be a show horse,” Gene remarked.

However, showing won’t be the only occupation for Hes So That. The Drawdys are also looking forward to breeding him to a few mares next year.

Yearling Stallions

Hes So That and Gene Parker