November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Junior Barrel Racing

Race-bred mare finds barrels to her liking.

Three Folly Six had to play catchup.

Sure, she was the fastest qualifier to the finals in junior barrel racing at the 2010 AQHA World Championship Show, but she started her barrel racing career late, and she was working last in the draw.

“We were really happy that she set the fastest qualifying time, but we’ve never seen a horse win the world from the bottom of the drag,” said Lance Graves who was piloting the 5-year-old mare in the finals. “It just really doesn’t happen, and right before I ran, I saw P.J. Burger’s Dash Ta Fame mare go, and she’s a good one, and she was slower than I knew she wanted to be because she was bogging up, and I stepped off and pulled my mare’s tie-down out a little bit to give her a little bit more head and I thought, ‘We’ll see if she can play catchup from the bottom.’ We were real fortunate and she did.”

P.J.’s mare, Rockette Ta Fame, owned by Charlie Cole and Jason Martin, ended up third, and the newcomer to barrel racing won her first world title – but not her first race. Three Folly Six started her career on the racetrack, like her sister, Dashing Folly 1996 world champion racing American Quarter Horse.

“She belongs to Bob and Darian Burt from Sandy, Utah,” Lance said. “They’re known for being the owners and the breeders of Dash Ta Fame. Actually, she’s not a Dash Ta Fame. She’s by Tres Seis out of a mare named Hempes Folly that’s a daughter of Hempen. She’s sister to a racehorse named Dashing Folly. She had a light racing career, and they actually lost her mother. This is the last foal out of the broodmare, so they decided they wanted to send her out to me.”

Lance jumped at the chance to ride a Tres Seis mare

“She’s really an incredible athlete,” he said. “She got a late start on her, so this is her first year as a competition horse. She’s a 5-year-old futurity horse, so it’s not her second year like it would be for a lot of 5-year-olds. Over the last 90 days,  she’s really come together and gotten really solid. She actually won at the Kentucky State Fair for me and she won Houston Livestock Show this year.

“She’s the real deal. She’s not the last Tres Seis I’ll ride.”

2010 AQHA World Championship Show Junior Barrel Racing champion Lance Graves and Three Folly Six

Lance Graves and Three Folly Six