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Junior Reining

In daddy's hoofprints.

“Hey, mother! My horse won first!” A call from her mother, Elizabeth, was the first one Carol Rose of Gainesville, Texas, took just after the junior reining finals November 13 at the 2010 AQHA World Championship Show.

Carol’s homebred 4-year-old stallion, A Shiner Named Sioux, with trainer Jay McLaughlin aboard, had won the class with a 227.

“I told Carol when we first started, I said, ‘Don’t blink because I’m going to hit the gate fast.’ And we did!” Jay told The American Quarter Horse Journal in the winning run interview.

The run-in start and four stops in Pattern No. 10 gave Jay ample opportunity to show the young stallion off.

“He was as good as gold tonight; he was ready,” Jay continued. “He felt so good. I just loped him around before we went, and I just went and showed him.

A World Show win means a lot to the legendary breeder whose honors include induction into the AQHA, National Reined Cow Horse and National Cowgirl halls of fame.

“It means everything to win here,” she said. “I just love this horse. This horse is as much like Shining Spark as if, I hate the word, but there wouldn’t be a clone that could be any more like Shining Spark than this horse is.

“Shining Spark, in 1993, won the junior reining with a 227.5, and then Sioux came back tonight and marked a 227; I was thrilled. He had a great run.”

Carol bred the stallion to a full book of mares in 2010 and is expecting his first colts in January.

“I’d like to thank all our team at home (in Gainesville),” she said. “My favorite motto is, at our house, it’s a team effort and there’s no ‘I’ in the word team. And without all the people we have working for us, all of this wouldn’t happen. Jay has done a fabulous job of training this horse.

“I guess it was just really important for me to try to win the world with him, since his daddy had won it. The horse has been so close to titles – this is his first major title…. At the end of his run, I hollered out…‘Turn out the cow!’ because he can work a cow just as well as he did this.”

Carol says Sioux has won more $100,000 in NRCHA and National Reining Horse Association competition.

“We’ll probably do a little more cow horse and a little more reining and we might do some cutting (with him). We’re going to do whatever he tells us to do…. We’re so blessed to have a horse like him.”

AQHA World Championship Show

Jay McLaughlin and A Shiner Named Sioux