November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Senior Barrel Racing

An honest win for Addison Waddell and Wrapit N Snapit DC.

Addison Waddell had a goal of qualifying two rides to the AQHA World Championship Show in 2010. And the AQHA Professional Horseman from Henryetta, Oklahoma, did just that: Atlas Peak turned in a 16:83 and Wrapit N Snapit DC a 16:836, the second and third fastest times in the prelims.

When the November 8 finals rolled around, Addison drew the horses back-to-back late in the go order. Wrapit N Snapit DC was first up, at 13th.

“He got in on me a little bit going into my first barrel, and I just snugged up my outside line a little bit and had a little steady pressure on it,” Addison says. “Then he come back to me and stayed honest from that point on.”

They had “a really nice second barrel” but had to “roll out of it a little bit.”

“I shot him up a little straighter in the third barrel to get him into position, and he got a real nice third barrel. I couldn’t ask for much better. He did good.”

It was good enough for a 16:58 to take the lead with a combined time of 33:416. Next up, Addison tipped a barrel down with Atlas Peak, and the gold trophy went to the gray horse.

“I started riding that horse the latter part of March, and wanted to get him qualified,” Addison says. “I felt like he would have a good shot here if he was healthy and had some luck.” After a couple of 4Ds later this month, Addison and Wrapit N Snapit DC are headed for the 2010 Barrel Futurities of America in December.

“I really appreciate my owners, all of them, not only the ones that own the gray horse, but everybody that’s associated with me,” Addison says. “I couldn’t do it without them and my wife (Lori Waddell) and good friends.”

2010 AQHA World Championship Show Senior Barrel Racing Champion Wrapit N Snapit DC and Addison Waddell

Addison Waddell and Wrapit N Snapit DC