November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur 3-Year-Old Stallions

After 35 years of breeding American Quarter Horses, the Fischer family earns its first AQHA world championship with JF Skip N Style.

John Fischer is not only a man who sets goal, but a man who sets out to achieve those goals.

More than 50 years ago, John’s one goal was to make it to America.

Dodging land mines, bullets and refugee camps established by the Russian Communist government occupying Hungary, John was fighting to survive. As a member of a student-based revolution against the Communist government in Budapest, times were perilous for John.

In 1957, John found himself in the United States, a country where he believed that if he worked hard enough, he could make his dreams come true. He settled down in Kansas, where he would study radiology and raise his family and American Quarter Horses

On November 5, one of John’s longstanding dreams – to raise an AQHA world champion – finally did come true.

In the form of palomino stallion JF Skip N Style, the Fischer family has found the key to success.

John and the son of Kids Classic Style had a near brush with a world championship at the 2011 Adequan Select World Championship Show, where the duo won the 3-year-old stallions reserve world championship.

But when the Fischers and AQHA Professional Horseman Luke Castle of Wayne, Oklahoma, pulled into Oklahoma City, they knew that they had “Hans” perfectly fitted and ready for the gold trophy.

Leading Hans in amateur 3-year-old stallions was John’s son, John Fischer Jr.

“My parents and my brother (Joseph) bred and raised (Hans), so this is something really special,” says John Jr. of the family’s first world championship. “My dad has been breeding horses for 35 years and he finally had a dream come true today.

“It’s really special and it’s a big family thing, so it makes it even more exciting and fun.”

JF Skip N Style is actually the first stallion that John has ever sent to a trainer, but John recognized a true champion in the palomino stallion and decided that this was the time to find the right trainer.

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“Luke Castle has trained him and really got him even more prepared for today and he looked the best that he’s ever looked,” John Jr. says. “He’s put some more weight on him, and the horse has grown a lot – he looks fantastic. I showed him this spring to qualify him, and he’s a totally different horse now, and that’s because Luke has had him long enough to do a lot with him.”

At 74 years old, John was hoping that JF Skip N Style would offer him one more chance at an AQHA world championship.

“I realize as his son I may be biased in my opinion of my father, but his is an interesting story and many people who have met him have found very inspiring,” breeder Joseph says. “Using the Quarter Horse as an instrument, my father taught us how to work hard and set goals, and he gave us a work ethic that has helped us accomplish our goals.

“It was also breeding and showing Quarter Horses that helped provide for our family – it kept us close and taught us that with work came rewards.”

JF Skip N Style and Dr. John L. Fischer Jr. of Belleville, Kansas

Leading JF Skip N Style to a world championship in amateur 3-year-old stallions was John Fischer Jr. (Journal photo).