November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Aged Geldings

They Just Keep Winning

RPL My Te Cheerful, a 2004 bay gelding, and Josh Weakly of Shelbyville, Illinois, took first place under all five judges and the overall win November 5 in the aged geldings at the 2011 AQHA World Championship Show.

Josh and his 7-year-old gelding have had a phenomenal fall together. First, Josh led the horse to the win in amateur aged geldings at the All American Quarter Horse Congress, and AQHA Professional Horseman Ross Roark led him to the open win. Then, the horse went grand champion in the both open and amateur geldings. And now they have a world championship.

“It is pretty cool,” Josh says. “We had high hopes for this horse. He is really special to us.”

This will be “Henry’s” eleventh AQHA world championship title. This horse has earned multiple world titles in amateur, open, Select and youth divisions in his lifetime.

Henry is very special to Josh and his wife, Kaleena.

“This horse has won a lot I have always liked this horse and wanted him,” Josh says. “I had the opportunity back about a year ago to own him. He’s just a great, great horse. He’s won so much.”

This was the gelding’s ninth aged geldings world title to win.

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“He’s getting a little bit of age to him,” Josh says.  “We were hoping he’d hold in there for us and he sure did.”

Josh explains how hard it is to win at the World Show, let alone win under all five judges.

“That’s hard with a diverse set of judges to do here,” Josh says.  “It takes a special horse like him to get it done.”

Josh expresses his appreciation for his trainers, Jeff and Andy Staton, and the support of his family in all of his endeavors this year: “I’ve got a good pit crew.”

Henry will also be showing in the open aged geldings during the FedEx Open Week.

RPL My Te Cheerful and Josh Weakly of Shelbyville, Illinois

Josh Weakly of Shelbyville, Illinois, and RPL My Te Cheerful win the 2011 AQHA amateur aged geldings world championship.