November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Performance Halter Mares

Big Shoes to Fill

When Lana Brooks of Clark, Missouri, bought Sure Cool Te, she knew that she had big shoes to fill in amateur performance halter mares at the 2011 AQHA World Championship Show.

Bred and raised by 30-year cumulative breeder Susan Bastian of O'Fallon, Missouri, the 2004 sorrel mare by Te Coolest came from a line of Bastian-bred horses. Not only had Susan bred Sure Cool Te’s dam, Sure Wild, but she had also bred Sure Cool Te’s granddam, Wild And Sentimental.

And Susan’s history with Sure Cool Te was nothing short of sentimental, too – the duo were the 2010 Adequan Select performance halter mare world champions.

“(This win) is very special because I had big shoes to fill,” Sue says emotionally. “Sue had won the Select with her last year, and I didn’t want to let her down.

“I love her to death,” Lana says of Sue. “I was hoping she could be here today, but she couldn’t make it.”

But that’s OK – Lana still had quite the cheering section.

“I have a great, great support group,” she explains. “My trainer is my fiancée, (AQHA Professional Horseman) Doug Landon. (We’ve) been together a long time and he works really hard. My mom is here and Steve and Kathy Headley are our customers and they’re very, very supportive.

“And God!” she adds.

Sure Cool Te had one thing certainly going for her when she and Lana stepped into the Jim Norick Arena on November 10.

“She’s really pretty, as you saw today,” Lana says of the mare. “We’ve had her in the barn since she was two.

“Sue showed her and sold her to me this summer, just in time to get her qualified.”

However, “Peaches,” as the mare is affectionately called, was a little bit rusty in the amateur performance halter mares finals.

“She hasn’t been shown since July, so she was a little ornery today,” Lana explains. “She was throwing her nose up in the air.”

But Lana, a decorated halter competitor, knew just what to do.

“I just made sure to get her ears and made sure she stood in the ground and was focused. And when the judges were around, I made sure that she was spot on.”

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The world championship in amateur performance halter mares was the perfect note to end Sure Cool Te’s career on.

“She’s going to go home and be a broodmare,” Lana says. “We’re going to put her in the mare motel and let her be a horse. We’re really excited about raising babies out of her.”

However, that doesn’t mean that Lana is horseless.

“I’ve got a lot of broodmares at home. I showed a baby at the (All American Quarter Horse) Congress and we sold him,” she says. “I’ve got several babies coming and that’s just probably my future: just to get good babies on the ground and shown and sold – just keep doing what we do!”

Lana Brooks and Sure Cool Te

Lana Brooks of Clark, Missouri, lead Sure Cool Te to the world championship in amateur performance halter mares. (Journal photo).