November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Performance Halter Stallions

DWR Diligent earns his second World Show trophy.

Terry and Dennis Robinson of Francesville, Indiana, own DWR Diligent, the 2011 world champion in performance halter stallions at the AQHA World Championship Show.

With trainer Jason Smith of Whitesboro, Texas, at the lead shank, DWR Diligent placed at the top of two judges' cards and was second on one card. It all added up to enough for the world championship. The Journal caught up with the Robinsons just after their win for an exclusive interview.

Q: Congratulations.
Terry and Dennis:
Thank you.

Q: Tell us about your horse.
: DWR Diligent. We raised him. We raised his mother, and we own his sire, One Hot Invitation. And we’re just so tickled. Jason did such a good job of showing him for us. And I was third with him in amateur performance stallions.

Q: What are his performance points in?
Western pleasure and trail

Q: What made you decide to show him in halter?
: He’s so pretty and balanced. We’ve always liked halter, and our horse has always done well with weanlings, yearlings and longe-liners, so we just thought, Well this is a new avenue and we’ll try it.

Q: What were your highest hopes?
: Well, we wanted to win, of course.
Dennis: Yes! That was our goal.

Q: Did you think you would?
: We thought there was a good possibility. Rita’s horse is a real nice horse, and so is the other horse. It was just up to the judges, and they made a good choice.

Q: What makes this win special?
: It’s our very first world championship.
Terry: The first time we’ve been here and we did well.

Q: How are you going to celebrate?
: Eat steak.
Terry: We’re going to go out with our friends tonight and have a really good meal.

DWR Diligent and Jason Smith

Jason Smith led DWR Diligent to the performance halter stallions world championship November 12. (Journal photo)