November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Pleasure Driving

It’s been a busy week for Dirty Sexy Money and Jenny Martin.

Dirty Sexy Money’s busy week of finals at the 2012 AQHA World Championship Show ended with a gold trophy in amateur pleasure driving. He and Jenny Martin took home the bronze last year.

“It feels amazing," Jenny said. "We had 2 other world championships earlier this week. So it was kinda good to get my own. He won the junior hunters and the junior hack.”

This win is the culmination of a lot of hard work at the World Show.

“It’s been so busy, we started with the juniors and then I had all the amateur stuff, so we’ve been going back and forth,” she said. “(AQHA Professional Horseman Chuck Briggs) started off with the junior hunters and won that. And then Kindel (Ann Huffman) showed him in the junior hack and she won that.

“Then I didn’t have a very good hack go last night, so I needed to redeem myself,” she said with a laugh.

With all of the success that “Vegas” has had this week, there must be something special about him.

“He’s an awesome horse, he’s fun to show and he’s always great out there,” Jenny said. “He’s actually my mom’s, but she’s letting me show him. Hopefully she’ll do the Select driving with him next year.”

“I’ve had him for a couple years now. This is my first year actually in the hunters and stuff on him at the World Show,” she said. “But last year I was third in the driving, so it’s nice to actually get the gold.”

Although Jenny is just getting started in AQHA’s hunter and pleasure driving classes, she’s no stranger to the show ring.

“My grandfather actually showed halter horses, so I started a long time ago,” she said. “I haven’t been doing the hunters and the pleasure driving very long at all. I started with all-around.”

Jenny and Vegas, a 2007 gray gelding, have been putting in a lot of time and hard work to get ready for the World Show.

“(It’s taken) lots of practice. We’ve been at the Congress, so we came from the Congress here,” she said. “And Chuck and Brian Holmes both helped me with the pleasure driving. And Chuck helps me with the hunters.”

Now that the crew is finally done, they’re looking forward to having a second to relax.

“I have no idea (how we’ll celebrate),” Jenny said with a laugh. “We’re all just so tired. We’ll probably just go get something to eat.”

Jenny had quite a few people to thank for helping the duo.

“(I) definitely (want to thank) Chuck, definitely Brian and both my parents,” she said. “And everybody at our barn, we have a good support system in our barn.”

Jenny Martin and Dirty Sexy Money win amateur pleasure driving

Jenny Martin and Dirty Sexy Money have the drive for the gold. (Journal photo).