November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Weanling Mares

World Show veteran Dr. Gigi Wood Davis has her new filly Enstyle off to a great start.

Dr. Gigi Wood Davis and her husband, Greg Davis, have won their fair share of AQHA World Championship Show gold trophies. But it’s extra thrilling to take a newcomer to the highest victory.

On November 8, 2012, Gigi led weanling mare Enstyle to the amateur weanling mares world championship. There were 34 finalists in the class.

“Everybody out there was a winner,” she said of her competition. “There were lots of pretty fillies. I really didn’t even think I had won. I knew I’d done well, but I couldn’t even calculate it because every judge had a different first. It’s tough, but that’s what I enjoy about it.”

The filly is by Mr Elusive and out of She Wears The Skirt by The Lucky Conclusion.

“She’s sweet as she can be,” Gigi said. “She’s been so easy to show. We were second at the [All American Quarter Horse] Congress."

Gigi hasn’t owned the filly long, so she’s having fun getting to know her. Her longtime trainer, AQHA Professional Horseman Randy Jacobs, discovered her in Ohio and convinced the Davises to buy her.

“We didn’t even see her but he said she was good, so we bought her,” Gigi said. “She’s so sweet and so calm. She never gets excited. There’s not a mean bone in her.”

If someone doesn’t offer to buy “Liza Jane,” Gigi will show her again next year.

“You want to keep them all,” she laughed. “My husband and I don’t have any kids, so our horses are our kids.

“She’s just pretty,” she continued. “She shows really well. I had to move her a few times today, but at the Congress, I set her up and she never moved. She’s very easy to show and gives her ears all the time. It makes it a lot easier for me.”

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Dr. Gigi Wood Davis and Enstyle win amateur weanling mares

Dr. Gigi Wood Davis leads weanling mare Enstyle to an amateur world championship. (Journal photo)