November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Weanling Stallions

It only takes one good one!

Nancy Dyer of Tallahassee, Florida, only brought one horse to the 2012 AQHA World Championship Show – her weanling stallion, Invincable. But that was enough. They won the amateur in the November 9 class.

They entered the Jim Norick Arena last in the go, showing against 13 other colts.

“The class went pretty well, he was pretty good for me,” Nancy said in her Journal Winning Run. “He showed well. You never know when you’re the last one in the pen – you feel like you’re starting out in a hole and you have to work your way to the top. A lot of times they don’t show very well back there, but he was really good for me, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Showing halter to five judges makes for a long time in the pen; in classes with 12 or more showing, the horses line up for each individual judge’s placing.

“It helps when your horse is cooperating with you so you can look around (to see where the judges are) without ducking front feet or worrying about him being still,” Nancy said. “You can kind of keep an eye on everybody.”

Nancy bought the colt “right after Easter” from longtime breeders Jim and Georgia Snow of Quinlan, Texas; he’s by My Intention and out of Imagine Me In First by Image Of Kid.

“Jim had called and wanted Ted (Turner) to come look at him,” Nancy said. “Ted went down and then called me and said we both needed to go back and look at him, ‘I think I’ve found your horse.’ We went back and decided he was the one, crossed our fingers, and it all worked out.”

Trainer Ted Turner of Aubrey, Texas, will show the colt during FedEx Open Week. Past that, Nancy said “we’ll just wait and see what happens.

“If somebody wants him bad enough, we might sell him, and if not, he’s definitely good enough that we don’t mind keeping him and coming back next year.”

She added: “It feels great; it’s been a long time since we’ve won one. I’ve won reserves for three years in a row so it was good to finally get over the hump."

Nancy Dyer and Invincible win amateur weanling stallions

Nancy Dyer wins the 2012 AQHA world championship in amateur weanling stallions with Invincable. (Journal photo)