November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Reining

Courtney Boesch more than made her 2012 AQHA World Show goal.

When Courtney Boesch of Porterville, California, rode Northwest Whiz into the Jim Norick Arena on November 4, she’d already made her goal.

“I was just really happy that I made the (amateur reining) finals,” she said in her Journal Winning Run interview. “That was my goal coming (to the 2012 AQHA World Championship Show).

“I’ve only had my horse not quite a year. He’s so easy. I keep him at home; I don’t ride with anybody. I do it all, so it’s a big accomplishment just to make the finals.”

After all 16 finalists had gone, Courtney couldn’t believe she was tied for the top score in the world championship with Shevin Haverty of Krum, Texas, and Who Whiz Who.

“I felt really good about my pattern. I was a little skeptical going into a runoff, but it’s all right, it all turned out OK.”

She scored a 216 over Shevin’s 214.5 in the work-off.

“This is my first World Show as an amateur,” Courtney said. “I showed youth, and when I was done with youth years, I quit for about seven years, and here I am."

She was a multiple finalist and top-10 finisher at the Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show in working cow horse, cutting and reining.

Why did she come back to the show pen?

“I crave it; I love it; it’s great. I love my horses.” Courtney found Northwest Whiz online, “of all places.”

“Todd Bergen trained him and made the (National Reining Horse Association) Futurity finals on him in the open. And then he was just kind of turned out for a couple of years. He missed all his Derby years. He’s just super easy and super fun, and I just love him to death.”

She says she “was destined to ride horses.” Her parents, Tim and Cheryl Daley, were both trainers.

“I’ve been on a horse since I was 4 years old,” she said.

She and her husband, Tyson, own a fencing contracting business. Courtney does the books and sometimes helps in the field. They also have cattle and “do the ranching lifestyle.”

They have an outdoor arena where Courtney rides.

“My horse doesn’t require a lot. So if it gets too wet or too hot, he just gets a couple of days off. He likes it that way. I ride him outside, but he’s kind of a big chicken and a lot of stuff scares him. But he’s good in the pen.”

For now, she’s just soaking in the fact that she more than made her goal.

“(I want to thank) my parents and my husband – he was my chauffeur from California all the way out here. Those three really make everything happen for me. They were all here, it was great.

She added: “(This win) is unbelievable. It’s a huge accomplishment; it’s great!”

Will she be back?

Northwest Whiz and Courtney Boesch

Courtney Boesch of Porterville, California, slides to a stop on her way to winning the 2012 world championship in amateur reining. (Journal photo)