November 7-22, 2014, Oklahoma City

Amateur Yearling Geldings

Frank Berris leads Its Gameday to the amateur yearling geldings world championship.

Its Gameday and Frank G. Berris

Its Gameday and Frank G. Berris

We usually see Frank Berris in the AQHA World Championship Show winners circle much earlier than the end of amateur week. 

“I sold everything last year,” laughed the multiple world champion. “Usually, I show a lot of horses. This is the only horse I’m showing this year.”

Luckily for him, the one horse he brought was a winner. 

On November 14 at the 2013 AQHA World Show, Frank led 2012 bay gelding Its Gameday to the horse’s second world championship after besting a 12-head amateur yearling geldings class.

“It’s great!” he beamed. “I bought him here last year, just before he won the world in the open yearling stallions. I had his brother, Boys N Toys, by Mr Touchdown Kid prior to that who I won last year with in the 2-year-old geldings. It’s the same sire. When I sold Boys N Toys, I bought Its Gameday for a replacement. He’s living up to his big brother’s name. It’s been good luck.”

Even though he's won numerous world championships, Frank admits he still has to control his nerves at the World Show.

“I’m president of an oil company, how come I’ve got to get nervous when I go out there?” he laughed. “But I still do! It gets adrenaline going and makes it fun, and it never gets old. I get nervous every time I go in there. Then once I’m in there, I kinda relax. When you have a good horse and they’re trained like my horses are with (AQHA Professional Horseman) Ross Roark, it makes it easier. This never gets old talking to you. Last year we were fortunate. I’m blessed. I have a great wife, who supports me with my bad habits here. Ross Roark has done a phenomenal job finding me these horses and fitting them.”

As for Frank’s game plan moving forward:

“Now I’ve got to restock,” he smiled. “I’ve got to get some more horses. Anybody want to sell me a horse? We’re looking. I probably will not leave (the World Show) with only one. I’d like to have a mare. I never replaced my mare we had last year, CK Mardi Gras. We won amateur and open with her last year. I loved her. I really want a mare to replace her with. That’s my all-time favorite mare.” 

No doubt, Frank will be back next year.

"I love AQHA. These are my friends. This is what I love to do – be with all you guys and have fun."

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