November 7-22, 2014, Oklahoma City

Senior Cutting

Sarenadual jumps out in front for owner Kathleen Moore in senior cutting.

Sarenadual and James Payne

Sarenadual and James Payne stop a cow handily November 19 at the 2013 AQHA World Championship Show. (Journal photo)

From the word go, Sarenadual jumped out in front of the herd and into the lead November 18 at the 2013 AQHA World Championship Show, eventually earning the coveted gold trophy for owner Kathleen Moore of Madill, Oklahoma.

Working first in the finals draw with James Payne of Marietta, Oklahoma, in the saddle, Sarenadual scored a 224 to set the mark for the other horses to follow in senior cutting.

“I picked the red mott because it was a cow I kinda liked, and then the other two, it was more cutting for shape, what wanted to be cut,” James said in his exclusive Journal interview. “Being first, I didn’t want to get tangled up on a cut.”

Sarenadual is a 2006 bay mare by Dual Pep and out of Sarenalena by Smart Little Lena. She was bred by Glade M. Knight of Weatherford, Texas

James and Kathleen found the horse as a 2-year-old, and she has won $162,956.24 in National Cutting Horse Association earnings.

“She’s always been pretty special to me,” Kathleen said. “I won amateur cutting at the (NCHA) Derby on her and then James won the open 5- and 6-year-old Derby, so she’s a pretty special horse.”

Since graduating out of NCHA aged events, Sarenadual had been getting a vacation, but in July, James qualified the mare for the 2013 World Show, and then he legged her up again two weeks ago to get ready to play.

“This is her first show back after being off,” Kathleen said.

The world championship title caps Sarenadual’s career, Kathleen said.

“It’s prestigious to win a world championship,” James added. “And we hope maybe it’s a good precursor to the (NCHA) Futurity.”

The purchase of Sarenadual marked the beginning of James and Kathleen’s professional relationship. Since then, they’ve purchased 2-year-olds every year.

“She was really cow-smart and had a really nice move,” James said.

“And she was a Dual Pep,” Kathleen added.

Kathleen’s no stranger to World Show wins. In 2000, she won junior cutting with Allmytroublesareover with Wayne Czisny in the saddle. In 2012, Kathleen had 10th-place finisher Poo Smoothie in junior cutting with James.

Lately, though, Kathleen, a 10-year AQHA breeder, has been focusing on pedigrees. With this win, Sarenadual retires from active competition to join Kathleen’s broodmare band in Madill.

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