November 7-22, 2014, Oklahoma City

Senior Heeling

Two Id Shooter Buck wins his first world championship and the second of the night for Jay Wadhams.

Two ID Shooter Buck and Jay Lyn Wadhams

Jay Lyn Wadhams circles Two ID Shooter Buck on his victory lap in senior heeling November 22 at the 2013 AQHA World Championship Show. (Journal photo)

Jay Wadhams of Pueblo, Colorado, sat on a nice American Quarter Horse at the end of the Jim Norick Coliseum in Oklahoma City. Beside him, on another nice horse, was his cousin, AQHA Professional Horseman J.D. Yates of Pueblo.

One of them would be the new world champion at the 2013 AQHA World Championship Show, and just a half-point separated their scores.

After a dramatic pause, announcer Darren Moore called out J.D.’s name as reserve world champion. Jay and his horse were the world champions.

That scene played out twice November 22, once in senior heading and once in senior heeling.

For senior heeling, the world champion was Two Id Shooter Buck, a 2002 buckskin stallion by Two Eyed Red Buck and out of Blanton Id Joann by Docs Leo Poco Pine.

“He’s good,” Jay said in an exclusive interview with the Journal after his win. “Two Id Shooter Buck is a good horse.”

“Shooter” was bred and is owned by Lynn Wohlers of Missouri Valley, Iowa, and is trained by AQHA Professional Horseman Jeff Straight of Logan, Iowa.

“Jeff’s been after me to show him for three or four years now, and I said I’ll show him one of these days. I’ll show him for Lynn and Jeff,” Jay said. “After we got done (today), I told him, see, timing is everything. It worked out. He’s a good horse. I help out on him a lot at the horse shows with Jeff when I go to the shows and (Shooter's) always been a good heeling horse, really solid.”

Before his world championship, the good-looking stallion had earned $7,905.92 at the World Show, and the money for the win will about double that total.

“I think Shooter on the end of the rope, he gets down and takes a jerk well,” Jay said. “He’s just real showy, and a lot of people know that horse. A lot of people see us ride him all the time. That horse has a lot of fans here at the World Show, everybody from Nebraska and Iowa.”

So which is better, heading or heeling?

“For me, this time, the heading, because I’ve been a bridesmaid seven or eight times in heading and everybody knows that I’ve been after a heading title for a long time,” Jay said. “They’re all sweet, though, don’t get me wrong!”

J.D. was second in heeling and heading on Romancing The Chics, owned by Joyce Tisdall of Castle Rock, Colorado, but he was on the other end of both of Jay’s winning runs.

“Me and him, we do it all together,” Jay said.